A Capitol riot suspect who taunted law enforcement authorities in several social media posts during and after the siege on Jan. 6 was arrested Monday, according to a criminal complaint.

A new court filing details the copious evidence that the FBI says it gathered to indict James Matthew Horning — including several photographs and videos authorities say he took of himself — for his alleged involvement in the mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters that stormed the Capitol building to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s election, shocking the nation and the world.

Horning faces charges of knowingly entering a restricted building without the authority to do so and with the intent “to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government” and knowingly engaging in “disorderly or disruptive conduct” with the intent to disrupt a session of Congress, according to the federal affidavit.

In the days following the attacks, the FBI received leads and tips that suggested Horning had been inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, including social media posts in which he defied the authorities, as well as videos and photographs they say he took of himself during the insurrection.

One of the most revelatory pieces of evidence of his alleged participation was a screenshot from a Facebook post on Horning’s account, according to authorities. A Facebook user asked him why he had gone to Washington.

“To be there when history happens. To participate in anarchy. To smoke weed in government buildings,” he replies. “The real reason was to intimidate Congress, they have a 9% approval rating. We accomplished that. Maybe they will work on that because they know we could have got them and have mercy.”

In a different Facebook post provided to the FBI by a witness, Horning said he was “damn proud” he had been in D.C. and defied the authorities to investigate him.

“If you have a problem with that, hit the inbox if you want … or use the unfriend feature if you ain’t bout it,” he wrote using expletives.

Authorities also collected a selfie-style video posted on social media, provided by a witness, that showed a man identified as Horning wearing an orange beanie and a turquoise-colored bandanna around his neck, touting the fact that he was “smoking a joint on the Capitol steps.”

A security camera inside the Capitol captured a man wearing the same clothes, as well as a dark-colored backpack, entering the building.

A second witness, who told federal authorities he had known Horning since high school, contacted the FBI and identified Horning as the man who appeared in the video, according to the criminal complaint filed in Washington last week.

The social media account that posted the video has a username that is the first name of Horning’s daughter, court documents show.

More than 250 people have been charged in the Capitol siege, and many of them, authorities have found, have links to far-right extremist groups, as well as law enforcement or the military.