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Across the Washington region, vaccinations are on the rise and coronavirus caseloads continue to fall after a record spike in January.

District residents with underlying health conditions are now able to get the vaccine, but the city’s registration website locked up repeatedly last week amid a flood of requests. In Maryland, officials opened the state’s third mass-vaccination site at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium. And, in Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has lifted some of the state’s restrictions on mass gatherings.

The Washington Post’s Julie Zauzmer, Erin Cox, Fenit Nirappil and Angela Fritz answered your questions about the vaccine rollout in all three jurisdictions at noon on Wednesday. Here are some of the questions they answered:

  • When will young kids be vaccinated?
  • Where are the mass vaccination sites in Virginia?
  • Where can I volunteer to help others schedule vaccination appointments?

Read the full transcript below.

This is the fourth in a series of live chats we’ve held on the region’s response to the virus. We’ve answered dozens of coronavirus-related questions in three other chats from Feb. 3, Feb. 10 and Feb. 18.

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Teddy Amenabar and Lizzy Raben, editors on The Post’s audience team, produced this Q&A.


An earlier version of this chat incorrectly said Maryland's mass vaccination sites were using only the Moderna vaccine. Some sites have also been using the Pfizer vaccine.