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How ‘disco dealer’ Libby Rasmussen would spend a perfect day in D.C.

In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

When Washingtonians were frantically hoarding toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, Libby Rasmussen was stockpiling disco balls instead.

The Mount Pleasant resident launched her LivingColorfullyShop on Etsy in September 2020, and people quickly scooped up her ’70s ceiling decor to add sparkle to their homes during a bleak time.

“Four orders turned into 40 orders turned into 4,000 orders, and I just couldn’t keep up — [the shop] just exploded,” says Rasmussen, who runs a social media and marketing company in addition to managing her shop.

Rasmussen’s penchant for disco balls started back in 2018 when she worked with close friend and designer Shannon Claire Smith on One Room Challenge, where the duo spent six weeks revamping Rasmussen’s room into what they called #projectsexycoffin. “My inspiration was Grandma’s house meets disco meets ’70s porn den,” says Rasmussen.

Now that Rasmussen has staked her claim in the disco ball business, she’s setting her sights on opening an online store outside of the Etsy universe. Libby & My, which is slated to launch Nov. 1, will be a natural extension of her existing shop, filled with colorful vintage finds curated by the Wisconsin native. On her D.C. dream day, Rasmussen would take a page out of her own playbook and live the day, colorfully.

Well, I would wake up early: 6:30 a.m. would be a sweet spot. I’m a morning person. I love getting ahead of the day. Someone once told me that I live five lives before most people wake up, and I loved that compliment. I would go on a quick morning run at the gym and listen to Tove Lo — she’s my favorite singer — and answer some client emails and feel like I’m on top of that, because I do love what I do.

I would swing back home quickly to get some breakfast tacos at La Tejana. Ana-Maria [Jaramillo] and Gus [May] are my good friends, and they just opened up La Tejana [as a storefront in Mount Pleasant].

I would put on a colorful outfit, my chartreuse green sneakers and something that was really fun and colorful and overdone — like I usually try to do. And then I would go to Azalea City Nails in Takoma Park and get a manicure. Again, a really colorful manicure. Something fun, something funky.

After getting my nails done, I would go pick up a bunch of items that I won at a local auction house. I’m always on the auction sites and basically once a week picking up random [stuff] around the D.C. area. I have a social media and marketing company, and a lot of my clients are in the food industry. One of them is Compliments Only subs, so I would go to their shop in Dupont and get my usual order, which is their Crunchy Boi sandwich. The Crunchy Boi is turkey, provolone, shredded lettuce, onions, hot peppers, and then I always, always, always get extra mayo. And then they also add potato chips onto the sub. It’s amazing. If you haven’t been, you must go.

And then I would probably spend the afternoon working on stuff for the store, maybe even a photo shoot for the website. And then I would have friends over that night, so I would probably stop at Nido Wine Shop and Market in Mount Pleasant for some snacks. Some salty tinned fish, some yummy olives. All the accoutrements.

After hosting friends, I would go to Thip Khao. It’s my absolute favorite. Chef Seng [Luangrath] is an icon, she’s amazing. I would get the naem khao, which is the crispy rice with pork, and a big Thai iced tea.

Wrapping up for dinner, another friend would text me and say, “I have tickets tonight to a show at 9:30 Club, let’s go.” Very spur of the moment. We’d see either Tove Lo or Frank Ocean, then go to the Raven for a beer as a nightcap.