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Prince George’s 8th-grader shot while raking leaves outside his home has died

Jayz Agnew, right, with his parents and 6-year-old sister. (Courtesy of Juanita Agnew)

A 13-year-old who was shot on Tuesday outside his home as he raked leaves has died, his mother said.

Jayz Agnew, 13, died in a hospital Friday evening, Juanita Agnew said. He had been fighting for his life since he was shot through the head as he was doing chores in front of his house in Prince George’s County.

The shooting happened around 5:20 p.m. in the Hillcrest Heights area. Police have not said if Jayz was targeted, nor have they made an arrest in his shooting.

Agnew, who said her son wanted to be an emergency room doctor, said she is reeling.

“My greatest fear is my son will not get justice,” she said.

She added that if this can happen to her son, other children need to be careful.

“My house is in close proximity to the elementary school so this could have happened to any of the neighborhood children,” she said.

Her family started a GoFundMe for “help with legal and investigative expenses” writing:

“Our son Jayz was senselessly shot in the head while raking leaves in our front yard. Our Jayz is a loving gentle child. His only squabbles are with his little sister Aaliyah over video games … We will not stop until justice is served.”

Agnew, 36, said she cannot imagine why anyone would want to hurt her son.

“Knowing who he is, I don’t think he would be able to cause anyone to be angry at him to the point of wanting to take his life,” she said. “He was just being obedient. I asked him to rake the leaves.”

Agnew described Jayz as an eighth-grader who spent most of his time playing video games or hanging out with Aaliyah, 6. The siblings found stray cats in their shed last year and decided to raise them together. Jayz named his Dawn, and Aaliyah named hers Lily. The four like to cuddle together on the couch.

“We have to spread more awareness on gun control and better surveillance in the community,” Agnew said.