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Walmart shooting suspect was found with handgun, multiple ammo magazines

Andre M. Bing had worked at Walmart since 2010 and was an overnight supervisor at the store in Chesapeake, company officials said

A shooter opened fire at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Va., late on Nov. 22. Police secured the store and later spoke to the media about the mass killing. (Video: The Washington Post)

The man who walked into an employee break room in a Chesapeake Walmart and started shooting Tuesday night was identified by the company and police as Andre M. Bing, 31.

Walmart and local police said he was a supervisor in the store who apparently killed some of his co-workers before taking his own life. Chesapeake officials said Bing was found with one handgun and multiple ammunition magazines. They said he was not wearing any type of body armor.

There have been more than 600 mass shootings so far in 2022

Few details emerged about Bing in the hours after he allegedly killed six people and wounded six more. Walmart said he had worked for the chain since 2010, and was an overnight team lead, supervising employees who stock the store while it is closed.

Bing did not appear to have any criminal record or traffic violations, according to online court records for Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and federal court. He also appeared to have no presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Family members could not be immediately located.

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Chesapeake tax records show that Bing bought a three-bedroom house on East Eva Boulevard in 2019, with Interstate 464 running along the rear of his property. Chesapeake police Chief Mark G. Solesky said police served a search warrant on the house early Wednesday, but he declined to say what officers found there. Tire tracks from police vehicles could be seen on the property’s front lawn Wednesday.

Two neighbors said they had little contact with Bing since he moved in.

Vera McDuffie said Bing moved into a house two doors from hers on East Eva Boulevard about two to three years ago and, as far as she knows, he lives alone.

“Nobody that I knew knew anything about him,” said McDuffie, who is 65 years old and has lived in her house more than three decades. She said the only time she sees him is when he cuts his lawn.

“His yard is immaculate,” she said. McDuffie said she believed Bing lived alone, and that she had not seen police or any trouble at his house.

Live coverage of the Walmart shooting in Va.

McDuffie said she frequently shopped at the Walmart where Bing worked, but she did not know Bing worked at the store until she saw the news Wednesday morning. The Walmart shooting, she said, “makes me want to move.” She said police had been at Bing’s house all night, though they left in the morning, replaced by news media.

Vera McDuffie’s husband, James McDuffie, 67, said he talked to Bing just once, shortly after he first moved in to the house. McDuffie said he was mowing his lawn and saw Bing pushing a riding lawn mower up the street. James McDuffie said he approached Bing and asked him why he did not put gas into the mower and drive it to his house.

“I didn’t think of that,” James McDuffie said Bing told him.

McDuffie said Bing told him he worked at Walmart and that his sister and mother had died of covid in New York.

Mass killing at Walmart in Chesapeake, Va.

The latest: The Walmart supervisor who authorities say fatally shot six colleagues in Chesapeake, Va., before taking his own life had a note in his phone that railed against people he perceived to have harassed or betrayed him and hinted at what was to come.

Remembering the victims: The City of Chesapeake on Wednesday identified five of the six victims killed in the Walmart shooting. Their names are Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins and Tyneka Johnson. The sixth victim is a 16-year-old, whose name is currently being withheld by authorities because he is a minor.

Who is the Walmart shooting suspect? Andre M. Bing was identified as the Walmart shooting suspect by police and the company. He was an overnight supervisor at the store.