How will Wes Moore, Dan Cox face Maryland’s key issues? We asked them.

Democrat Wes Moore and Republican Dan Cox explain how they would tackle the state’s biggest issues, whether they’ve ever smoked marijuana, and if they’d reach for a Flying Dog or Natty Boh

Maryland candidates for governor agree on little, aside from whether the state’s flag is a better print for socks or ties. Want to know the one policy they would focus on to address crime? How about what they will do to target learning loss and students’ mental health challenges? What to do about inflation? Whether they prefer Smith Island Cake or Berger cookies?

We asked that and more of Democrat Wes Moore and Republican Dan Cox.

Find out the answers below or jump to a section:


Q: If you could focus on one and only one policy to reduce crime, what would it be and why?

Student mental health and learning losses

Q: How would you help students recover from learning losses and mental health challenges seen during the pandemic?

Marijuana legalization

Q: Do you support legalizing marijuana? If marijuana is legalized, do you think there should be reparations for the communities that were most affected by the war on drugs?


Q: How should the state address how inflation affects Maryland families?

Abortion rights

Q: Should Maryland change its abortion laws? Explain.

Gender identity in classrooms

Q: Should parents be allowed to opt out of sex education instruction if it discusses gender identity?

Lightning round

Q: Where do the candidates stand on cherished Maryland things?