The Washington Post recently asked readers about their pandemic puppies. For some, the sheer amount of work required to care for a pet felt overwhelming. But for many others, their dogs provided levity in the darkest hours of lockdown, a semblance of routine and a sense of companionship.

Anthony Fauci has inspired pet owners. Call Fauci at the dog park, and multiple hounds will howl. The physician-scientist’s name achieved “honorable mention” on's most popular list of 2020.

Many dog owners fill loaded silences with what they think — what they know — their dog is saying. And that's how some households get dogs with not only voices, but also elaborate plotlines and three-dimensional backstories.

The field of dog cognition research has developed substantially in the past 20 years. Its next-level potential depends on a few things — including what we all decide it’s most useful to learn.

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For many dogs around the world, having their humans home during the pandemic made 2020 the best year ever.

Nathan, a border collie mixed with Newfoundland, has one quirk. Not only does he hate music, but he hates classical music especially and the piano in particular.

Most of the available research indicates that dogs do engage in behaviors of dominance and submission. But many dog researchers reject the premise that responsible ownership means showing them who’s boss.

Pet loss counselor Kaleel Sakakeeny said, “I had five times more people reaching out to me when their pet passed during the pandemic because it brought to the surface all the other losses they didn’t give themselves permission to grieve.”

Pet owners and cognitive scientists are exploring if we can teach dogs to speak with buttons, called AAC devices.

A growing body of research has found that neutering can increase the risk of cancer, obesity and joint problems. And in some parts of Europe, neutering is viewed as an unnecessary, or even cruel and abusive, intervention.

When life returns to normal, we mustn’t abandon our pets to loneliness.

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Some dogs are struggling coping with the pandemic. Great, the owners are around all the time. But what’s with the masks?

See how many dogs or dog items you can check off on your next neighborhood walk.

When Anastasia Pomorina sees a stray dog, she does her best to save it and find it a home.

Cannabidiol is marketed as helping calm anxiety, soothing joint pain and more for pets. But studies have been small and products have not been approved by the FDA.

Canine studies aim to develop a quicker, more accurate test for the novel coronavirus.

With 12,000 dog shows canceled, competitors still practice, but also chase squirrels.

People are altering their routines and dog-walking routes, avoiding other people with their pups.

Shelters, rescues and breeders report increased demand as Americans try to fill voids with canine companion

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Canine science aims to increase the success rate for service dogs by analyzing minds, genetics and behavior.