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Welcome to volume four of the Doonesbury Trump Quartet. Following up on YUGE!, #SAD!, and LEWSER!, bestsellers all, FORMER GUY chronicles the arrival of Mr. Covid, the harrowing 2020 election campaign, and Trump's Big Loss, which birthed his Big Lie, plus a Pretty Good-sized Violent Insurrection. It has remained the Trumpiest of times, and for many of his unvaccinated followers, "owning the libs" has been a cause worth not living for.

For everyone else, life goes on. Sam graduates from Walden College; B.D. manages to get Hunk-Ra inoculated; Alex, Leo, and the twins welcome baby Rosie; while Mike embraces Grandpahood and the chaos of extended family Zooms. J.J.'s art takes a toxic turn, Rep. Mel Wheeler endures harassment from MTG ("I'm creating content, I need you to overreact."), and the strip celebrates its 50th anniversary with a character-centric "Doonesbury Crossword."

Though still squawking about the past, Trump is looking to the future, at least his own, asking such essential questions as "How DO you get the blood off your hands?" and "I'd still get Secret Service protection in prison, right?" For answers, keep an eye out for volume five.

Paperback with Flaps. Dimensions: 8.6 x 9 inches, 128 pages, Color.

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The ultimate Doonesbury package, celebrating a half-century of G.B. Trudeau's Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip. This deluxe boxed set includes:

  • • A sleek USB flash drive loaded with all 50 years of Doonesbury, a searchable calendar archive, character bios, and a week-by-week description of the strip's contents. Includes woven lanyard.

  • • The Dbury@50 User's Manual, a 224-page wire-bound book that takes readers through each year of the strip's storied run, providing historical context and featuring milestone strips, key storylines and characters, and much more.

  • • A commemorative 16"x20" poster featuring new drawings of the strip's 64 most prominent cast members.

Note: The USB flash drive is intended for laptop and desktop computers running on MacOS (10.10 or later) and Windows (7 or later) only and is NOT compatible with smartphones, tablets, or most Chromebooks.

Hardcover box: 10 x 1.7 x 12.1 inches. Spiral-bound book: 8 ½ x 8 inches. Color.

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Welcome to volume three of the Doonesbury Trump Trilogy. Like its predecessors YUGE! and #SAD! – both bestsellers – LEWSER! chronicles the disrupter-in-chief's massive output of grievance and fear, including the historic moment when POTUS blew past his 15,000 falsehoods mark by tweeting over 80 claims that his phone call with Ukraine president Zelensky was "perfect."

As the unflappable Zonker explains to Zipper, the way to cope is to accept that appalling is the New Normal and just roll with it. Other palliative updates: Army vet Mel has been elected to Congress, and Alex and Toggle now have a beautiful two-year-old daughter – a surprise to both readers and them. We also get an exclusive preview of the Trump Presidential Library, which will house the crown jewels of Mr. Trump's presidency – his complete tweets, raw and unedited for grammar, spelling, civility, or logic. Will they ultimately form a record of his undoing? Not necessarily. As Duke counsels son Earl on 2020: "Always bet on the cornered rat."

Paperback with Flaps. Dimensions: 8.6 x 9 inches, 128 pages, Color.

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Doonesbury in the time of Trump

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist whose acclaimed YUGE! : 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump blew up the bestseller list, comes the sequel millions prayed would be unnecessary. #SAD! : Doonesbury in the Time of Trump tracks the shocking victory, the inept transition, and the tumultuous eternity of POTUS's First 500 Days.

Citizens who rise every morning in dread, braced for disruptive, Randomly Capitalized, atrociously grammarized, horrably speld, toxic tweeting from the Oval Office, can curl up at night with this clarifying collection of hot takes on the First Sociopath, his enablers, and their appalling legacy. Whether resisting or just persisting, readers will find G.B. Trudeau's cartoons are just the thing to ease the pain of remorse (“Could I have done more to prevent this?”) and give them a shot at a few hours of unfitful sleep.

There are worse things to spend your tax cut on.

Paperback with Flaps, Dimensions: 8.7 x 9 inches, 128 pages, Color.

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30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump

New York Times Bestseller

He tried to warn us. Ever since the release of the first Trump-for-President trial balloon in 1987, Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau has tirelessly tracked and highlighted the unsavory career of the most unqualified candidate to ever aspire to the White House. It's all there--the hilarious narcissism, the schoolyard bullying, the loathsome misogyny, the breathtaking ignorance; and a good portion of the Doonesbury cast has been tangled up in it. Join Duke, Honey, Earl, J.J., Mike, Mark, Roland, Boopsie, B.D., Sal, Alice, Elmont, Sid, Zonker, Sam, Bernie, Rev. Sloan, and even the Red Rascal as they cross storylines with the big, orange airhorn who's giving the GOP such fits.

Garry Trudeau is the "sleazeball" "third-rate talent" who draws the "overrated" comic strip Doonesbury, which "very few people read." He lives in New York City with his wife Jane Pauley, who "has far more talent than he has."

Paperback with Flaps, Dimensions: 8.6 x 9 inches, 112 pages, Color.

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The Weed Whisperer

Welcome to the age of pivots. Two centuries after the Founding Fathers signed off on happiness, Zonker Harris and nephew Zipper pull up stakes and head west in hot pursuit. The dream? Setting up a major grow facility outside Boulder, CO, and becoming bajillionaire producers of "artisanal" marijuana. For Zonk, it's the crowning reset of a career that's ranged from babysitting to waiting tables. For Walden-grad Zip, it's a way to confront $600,000 in student loans.

Elsewhere in Free Agent America, newlyweds Alex and Toggle are struggling. Twins Eli and Danny show up during their mother's MIT graduation, but a bad economy dries up lab grants, compelling the newly-minted PhD to seek employment as a barista. Meanwhile, eternally blocked writer Jeff Redfern struggles to keep the Red Rascal legend-in-his-own-mind franchise alive, while aging music icon Jimmy T. endures by adapting to his industry's new normal: "I can make music on my schedule and release it directly to the fans."

He's living in his car.

Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 9 inches, 176 pages, Color.

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Squared Away

This all-color volume celebrates the marriage of Alex and Toggle, an event which optimistically confirms that life, like Doonesbury, rolls on. Gathering their kith and kin around them at Walden, the wise but wounded soldier-artist and the brilliant but insecure techhead make a promising team for the years ahead, well-rounded yet squared away.

Doonesbury's fifth decade finds the largest rep company in the history of comic strips fully and widely engaged. Like so many flesh-and-blood fellow citizens, key characters now struggle with dramatic career change and job stress. And the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to reverberate through the lives of others, as the strip illuminates their experiences with an attentiveness unparalleled in popular culture. Amid the relentless unfolding of unexpected storylines, the strip's second and third generation characters increasingly take center stage, and the youngest regular, Sam, comes of age -- literally in the blink of an eye – as the newlyweds prepare to welcome twins.

Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 9 inches, 240 pages, Color.

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Red Rascal's War

The many critics and readers who were wowed by G.B. Trudeau's epic anthology 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective can now rejoice in this beautiful follow-up volume – the first all-color Doonesbury collection ever.

Red Rascal's War features the proto-legendary exploits of Afghan slacker hero Sorkh Razil (aka Jeff Redfern), but of course there's much, much more. From the trailer park romance of MIT hotshot Alex and aphasiac vet Toggle, to the machinations of White House aides bent on cutting off the boss's chill pills, to marijuana entrepreneur Zonker's backyard test plot, to the deeply appalling send-off of the Notorious Granny D, Trudeau's wildly eclectic creation marches madly on -- as fresh and inventive as ever. As The Nation noted on the strip's 40th anniversary, "Doonesbury is one of the great intellectual/artistic accomplishments of the past half-century, irrespective of category."

Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 9 inches, 240 pages, Color.

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40: A Doonesbury Retrospective

On October 26, 1970, college jock B.D. met his inept and geeky roommate, Mike. Fourteen thousand strips later, the world of Doonesbury has grown uniquely vast, sustained by an intricately woven web of relationships-- over 40 major characters spanning three generations. This book opens with an in-depth essay in which G. B. Trudeau surveys his sprawling creation as only he could. The volume's 1,800 beautifully displayed strips chronicle the key adventures and path crossings of the ever- evolving cast, from ur-characters such as Zonker, Joanie, Duke, and Honey, to relative newcomers such as Zipper, Alex, and Toggle. Dropped in throughout are 18 detailed essays in which Trudeau contemplates individual characters and groups of characters.

The book's literal centerpiece is a four-page foldout that maps in annotated detail the mind-boggling matrix of relationships. A feast of storytelling and a clarifying overview, 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective offers a unique way to experience one of the greatest comic strips ever.

9 3/4 x 13 1/2 inches, 696 pages, Color.

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Tee Time in Berzerkistan

No Rogue Regime ever needed its evil-doing professionally reframed more urgently than Greater Berzerkistan, whose President-for-life Trff Bmzklfrpz (pronounced "Ptklm") needs to spin a recent round of ethnic cleansing. Fortunately, the pariah state (and its 50-hole golf course, built overnight by Kurds and Jews) borders Iran, a fact that K Street uberlobbyist Duke is retained to parlay into a major U.S. arms package.

Meanwhile, across town, the crumbling of the newspaper industry crushes Rick Redfern's hope of continuing employment. After 35 years at the Washington Post, he is ejected into the blogosphere, where his prose now battles it out with that of 118,6783,465 rivals, including Roland Hedley, who takes the art of Twittering to a new self-reverential low.

Truly, everyone in Doonesburyland is struggling to adapt. While white Washington insiders scramble to acquire some African-American friends, and Clinton-era Dems are forced to attend the president-elect's "No Drama School", Jimmy Thudpucker once again re-boots his career -- this time as a cell phone ring-tone artist. No one ever said change was pretty.

9 x 11 inches, 240 pages, color and b&w. $16.99.
The fourth book in the Wounded Warriors series, Mels Story manages to find humor and humanity in a tale of suffering, and sheds serious light on one of the most pressing and undermining problems in our military today.

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Mel's Story

Surviving Military Sexual Assault
Foreword by Congresswoman Jackie Speier

The first time B.D. encounters command-rape survivor Melissa Wheeler in the waiting room at the VA Center, he has no idea what to make of the scowling former chopper mechanic. But in the months that follow, witnessing Mel's pain and her healing process help him with his own, and B.D. ends up a staunch and encouraging ally.

With the help of VA counselors Cora and Elias, Wheeler is able to reframe her experience and move forward to the point where she re-ups and re-deploys, though the trauma and betrayal continue to haunt her. She and battlebud Roz masterfully manage a perilous rescue of a downed USO chopper, and in the new post-DATD world the now-out Roz and her now-superior ("That's SERGEANT bitch to you!") help wind down US ops in Afghanistan. Returning stateside, Mel's final obstacle is her father's cluelessness -- and a widespread reluctance to hear the truth of her story.

The fourth book in the Wounded Warriors series, *Mel's Story* manages to find humor and humanity in a tale of suffering, and sheds serious light on one of the most pressing and undermining problems in our military today.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House
| 6 x 8 1/4 inches, 128 pages, b&w.

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Signature Wound

Rocking TBI
Foreword by General Peter Pace

In this volume, the third in the Wounded Warrior series, B.D. comes to the aid of one of his men, SPC Leo Deluca (a.k.a. "Toggle"), a young Humvee driver and headbanger whose love of ear-bleed battle music had sonically distracted him enough to get his vehicle blown up by a VBIED. Missing an eye and suffering from aphasia, Toggle fights to recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI), a journey of recovery that brings out the best in B.D., his former commander.

As this engaging story unfolds, Toggle's tattooed metalhead mom has misgivings about his improbable Facebook romance with an MIT techie named Alex Doonesbury, but love blooms. Soon after, Toggle finds himself drawn toward a career in the recording industry, undaunted by the limitations of the New Normal that now defines his life.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House
| 6 x 8 1/4 inches, 118 pages, b&w.

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The War Within

One More Step at a Time
Foreword by General Richard B. Myers

With the marathon PT sessions paying off and his coaching job at Walden re-secured, B.D.'s healing journey is going well, at least on the surface. But there are signs of inner turmoil. "I'd rather sleep with my weapon than my wife! How messed up is that?" he asks his doctor. Messed up enough that our wounded warrior forces himself to begin circling the local Vet Center, where he is gently and skillfully reeled in by a remarkable counselor and fellow Vietnam Vet named Elias. Their sessions together as they grapple with PTSD form an extraordinary and moving chronicle of catharsis and coming-to-terms. The words "Welcome home, soldier," are powerful and transformative, and B.D. is fortunate in finally getting to a place where he can hear them.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House.
| 6 x 81/4 inches, 112 pages, b&w.

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The Long Road Home

One Step at a Time
Foreword by Senator John McCain

Thousands of U.S. soldiers have suffered grievous wounds in Iraq, and one of them happens to be a Doonesbury character. This special collection chronicles seven months of cutting-edge cartooning, during which B.D. and readers of the strip got an up-close schooling in a kind of personal transformation no one seeks. Deprived not only of a leg but also his ubiquitous trademark helmet, B.D. embarks upon a remarkable journey of healing, awed in turn by morphine, take-no-guff nurses, his fellow amps, and his family. His inspiring, insightful and darkly humorous story confirms that it takes a ward to get a soldier back on his feet, especially when one of them is titanium.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House
| 6 x 8.25 inches, 96 pages, b&w.

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"My Shorts R Bunching. Thoughts?"

The Tweets of Roland Hedley

In March of 2009, Doonesbury's intrepid journalist Roland Burton Hedley, III, opened a Twitter account and began to tweet. A lot. Four weeks later, a sampling of his 140-character missives was published in The New Yorker to great acclaim, and his posts were featured in a one-on-one "tweet-off" in the Columbia Journalism Review. Rushed into print, this groundbreaking volume is the first book-length Twitter collection by a single author. With dozens of Doonesbury strips and over 500 tweets, it presents the best of Hedley's work -- frontline micro-blogging from the self-anointed dean of Washington journotwits.

5 x 7 inches, 112 pages, b&w.

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Welcome to the Nerdfarm!

Life comes full circle as Gen-Nexter Alex heads for college, boldly opting for MIT, "The Nerdfarm", where 30-hour study binges are crammed into 24-hour days. The indomitable Granny D also struggles with a major life-change; the move from sunny Oklahoma to live with Mike and Kim in upscale, caffeinated Seattle leaves her distinctly unimpressed. Then there's the on-air unraveling of Mark and Chase's marriage, and Duke's emergence from a months-long stupor to find himself a super-lobbyist, rebranding pariah states on K Street. Meanwhile Dick Cheney rebrands the vice-presidency as its own branch of government, "the black branch, if you will." B.D. reluctantly joins PTSD group therapy -- drawn to the case of MST survivor Melissa, he trades his phantom pain for that of a deeply wronged fellow veteran. Alex fends off unwanted attention from Zipper, but her focus is elsewhere -- the Battle of the Bots, a high- tech smackdown where she unleashes Alfie, an anarchic hoverbot who's booted for trash-talking.

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w. $16.95

Buy the Book:'s The Sandbox: Dispatches from Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Launched as a military blog (or "milblog") in October 2006, The Sandbox offers deployed service members a way to tell their stories to readers here at home. In this collection of almost 90 posts, more than 40 soldier-writers speak passionately, eloquently, and movingly of their day-to-day lives, of their mission, and of the drama that unfolds daily around them. Some posts are eminently practical for the troops themselves -- like Troy Steward's "List of Gear for Sandbox Deployment." Others are reflective, evocative, gripping: a dog adopts a unit on patrol in Baghdad and guards its flank; a soldier chronicles an epic day of close-call encounters with IEDS; an Afghan translator talks earnestly with his American friend about theology, love, and sitcoms; a dad far from home meditates on time and history in the quiet desert night under ancient stars; a Chuck Norris action figure witnesses surreal moments of humor in the cramped cab of a Humvee.

This rich and varied outpouring of stories, from the hilarious to the thrilling to the heartbreaking, helps us understand what so many of our countrymen are going through and the sacrifices they are making on our behalf.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House
| 6 x 9 inches, 326 pages, color and b&w. $16.95

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Heckuva Job, Bushie!

Two hundred years of sanctions against cruel and unusual interrogation techniques suddenly seem old-fashioned as CIA intern Jeff Redfern breezes off to "torture class". Roland's ubiquitous epaulets are home from Rummyworld, "that vast, tumultuous terrorist theme park that used to be known as Iraq." At its chaotic outer edges, in al-Amok, Proconsul Duke survives numerous assassination attempts and the alleged courting of his sidekick by Iraqi suitors. But the serious new action is in New Orleans, and Team Duke, like Halliburton, embarks for the Golf Coast. Mike's summer daydream may be the only place we'll ever hear a thorough mea culpa from Dubya. But while mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned, and the White House hosts an official Ethics Refresher Course: "Right, good. Wrong, bad." The president seeks to clarify: "Invasions are still okay, though, right?" And how does 43 sleep at night? Alas, not well. "It's the stem cells. I hear their cries." Heckuva job.

9 x 11 inches, 256 pages, color and b&w.

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The Big Book of Zonker

This breathtaking volume boldly, cheerfully and blankly stares back across the stunningly copacetic life and times of Zonker Harris. From his Californian-American roots to his legendary status as surfer, nanny, and former sun God, his career trajectory has unfailingly carried him ever- deeper into the homegrown heart of the American daydream. Dubbed Walden's "Greatest Living Slacker" by his alma mater, Zonker has shown that winging it is a viable survival strategy, and has ever held true to his tude. Now a professional nanny who took his charge surfing while still in diapers, Zonker Harris, manchild of the Golden West, continues to pass on the gentle wisdom of his kind.

| Proceeds to benefit Fisher House
| 9 x 11 inches, 288 pages, color and b&w.

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Talk to the Hand

History will never forget the Kahleefornia Recall debacle which jerk- pressed Arnold "the Gropenfurher" Schwarzenegger to a position of power. But it may never include the complete story of Dubya's National Guard Duty, despite Mark and Zonk's unclaimed $10K reward for anyone able to corroborate the flightsuit-in-chief's account. Meanwhile, near Fallujah, an RPG costs the U.S. government a humvee and B.D. a leg. While Zonker sees the sunny side ("Wow! B.D. won a purple heart!") and the amputee himself spins his loss for Boopsie ("I'm finally down to my ideal weight…"), daughter Sam cuts to the essence of a life-changing, helmet- removing moment: "Yea! Daddy's coming home!"

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w.

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Got War?

CIA intern Jeff Redfern kicks off this latest collection by launching a Predator drone and, using basic Nintendo training, knocking out an Al-Q ammo dump. Meanwhile, two countries over, B.D. returns to the sands of Kuwait, now Camp Blowback's Public Affairs Officer. Among his charges: Roland Hedley, veteran of a grueling combat training program designed to keep mediafolk from getting capped. While the troops and the embedded ones pre-position, Viceroy-in-Waiting Duke hovers in a nearby Emirate, preparing to answer empire's call. And stateside, Mike prepares to log some serious CNN time, while the Rev. Sloan girds his loins for peace.

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w.

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Peace Out, Dawg!

Tales From Ground Zero

As 9-11 shakes the Doonesbury world, many of its denizens are drawn inexorably toward Ground Zero -- Mike to attend a memorial service for a former employer; B.D., re-activated for crowd control and celebrity tourism; Marcia Feinbloom to hit on firefighters; and Zonker to deliver potent fruitcakes to weary rescue workers. Those on the home front are no less affected by events: "I no longer care what Madonna had for breakfast," laments Boopsie, proof positive that Everything Has Changed. Half a world away, in Al-Qaeda Qountry, a burka-clad Roland Hedley is captured by a freelance warlord, then wounded by a can of Spam.

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w.

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The Revolt of the English Majors

Even challenging Dubya to a "pronunciation bee" can't save Uncle Duke's weird-horse race for the White House. In the end, the former Ambassador passes out in a snowbank while the Cheney Administration kicks into high gear. Predictablistically, the new presidential syntax isn't the only thing that's tortured and strange. Take,an Internet company born and born-again, worth $1 million or $500, depending on whether you ask the CEO or his mother; or consider J.J. and Zeke, whose pay-per-view, online wedding yields mucho buzz but zero bucks -- just like the rest of the Net. Yes, it's a Dubya Dubya Dubya world. Doonesbury just downloads it.

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w.

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Buck Whild Doonesbury

The Dukester and "Buck Wild" Honey help Jesse "Mind Over Body" Ventura take the Minnesota state house by storm, while in Washington, the Process holds sway as all participants race to stake out the moral low ground ("Will the fornicator from Indiana yield?"). Intrepid reporter Roland Hedley asks congressmen for DNA samples, while Dubya agonizes over the "youthful indiscretions" of his midforties. Elsewhere, dear Lacey Davenport is escorted to the Great Beyond by her late beloved Richard, leaving behind a sterling reputation and two startled beneficiaries, Alice and Elmont, who must navigate the difficult transition to a roofed existence.

9 x 11 inches, 152 pages, color and b&w.

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The Bundled Doonesbury

A Pre-Millennial Anthology

This book-plus package offers a breathtaking view of the Doonesbury universe in one integrated, multi-featured package. The anthology is bundled with a CD-Rom that is almost embarrassingly full -- 25 years of Doonesbury, over 9,000 strips archived with every search mode imaginable. Readers can locate strips by character, topic, chronology, dialogue, or location. The disc also includes a digital cornucopia -- posters, video and audio, a Doonesbury timeline, animation, and a trivia game show complete with unctuous host (Mike) and decorative hostess (Boopsie). Relive the ages of Aquarius, Reagan and O.J. through the eyes of G.B. Trudeau and his merry band of misfits.

8.5 x 11 inches, 256 pages, color and b&w.

Includes Doonesbury Flashbacks CD-ROM with over 9,000 strips (1970-1995 strips / Windows 95-98 only).

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Twenty-five years of Doonesbury

Had your fill of Doonesbury collections that celebrate three years or less of the Pulitzer Prize-winning strip? Then get ready to be happy -- this 320-page behemoth covers all 25 years that Doonesbury's been open for business. A special silver anniversary anthology, Flashbacks offers the key daily and color Sunday toons that form the core of the Doonesbury saga, all fully annotated to document the strip's impact on the wider world. Includes a wealth of anecdotes and esoteria hitherto known only to the author and a few isolated scholars.

11 x 8.5 inches, 320 pages, color and b&w.

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The Portable Doonesbury

This easy-to-carry volume chronicles the high- and low-lights of campaign 92: the controversial (and newsmaking) strips about Dan Quayle's DEA file; a long look under the hood of a tiny, deeply disturbed Texas billionaire; and a consideration of the mysterious sway a dark-horse candidate from Arkansas held over politicalreporters. Also encompassed: the Gulf War -- from B.D.'s off-shore fling with a superior officer, to Mr. Butts' recruiting efforts as the military's "tobacco liaison", to Duke's grand opening of Club Scud, home of the $50 hamburger. And we witness the passing of AIDS victim Andy Lippincott. Final words? "Brian Wilson is God."

8 1/2 x 11 inches, 224 pages, color and b&w.

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In Search of Cigarette Holder Man

The 30th Annual JFK Assassination Conspiracy-Fest turns up a puzzling new piece of evidence: Who is the mysterious figure photographed in Dealey Plaza? Could it be the paranoid's paranoid -- Uncle Duke? Solving a different longtime mystery, Mark outs himself on National Public Radio and ratings soar, though as a "heterosexually challenged" man he finds little support from family -- or even friends like Zonker, who attempts to stuff him back into the closet. Alice and Elmont are also out -- out in the cold, weathering a tough winter and looking back fondly on the ‘80s, the Golden Age of Homelessness.

8 1/2 x 9 inches, 96 pages, b&w.

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Welcome to Club Scud

Front line action in Operation Desert Storm, with shoulder-mounted fax machines and acronym-studded briefings by Major E. "Buzz" Fogg. After his humvee takes a direct hit, Ray is medevacked to the "meat fleet". Meanwhile Mr. Butts tallies the weekly body count -- 9,000 American KBS's ("Killed by Smoking. Talk about your friendly fire!") As Kuwait City is liberated and the drums of war fall silent, post-traumatic confusions mount for both warmakers and their better halves. But when the white flags finally come out, the most serious casualty is armchair pilot Mike, who finds himself staring at unemployment.

8 1/2 x 9 inches, 96 pages, b&w.

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Doonesbury Nation

While millions of pilgrims flock to upstate New York for the 25th anniversary of Woodstock, Zonker flashes back to the original (acid triage, the bummer tent, Hendrix eating his guitar), with memories made all the more poignant by the fact that they're imaginary. Equally surreal? The here and now, with Mike switching to the GOP, tobacco execs swearing under oath that cigarettes are as safe as Twinkies, preteens shipped off to self-esteem camp, "all-O.J." media coverage, "Father Duke" founding Nothin' But Orphans, the president devolving into a flying waffle -- who said the sixties had the corner on weirdness?

8 1/2 x 9 inches, 96 pages, b&w.

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I'd Go with the Helmet, Ray

The Gulf War reactivates a platoon of veteran characters: for B.D. the change of climate forces a change of helmets; Buttsy serves country and corporation as Battalion Tobacco Liaison; Boopsie gives it her all as a USO volunteer on the Jay Leno Southwest Asia Thanksgiving Tour; while Roland "From-somewhere-in-the-Mideast" Hedley is even more lost than usual. Meanwhile Mike agonizes over oil company ads, Lacey resigns over the S&L crisis, and Andy Lippincott finally succumbs to AIDS. His strength, courage, and good humor carry him clear through his own memorial service, where a pre-taped video allows him the final word.

8 1/2 x 9 inches, 96 pages, b&w.

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Action Figure!

The Life and Times of Doonesbury's Uncle Duke

The perennial bad boy of American comics has always been a man of action: libelous action, irrational action, covert action, back-street action-even when comatose, he has a certain flare. Duke is a man of a thousand vices, with almost as many pages to his resume. For 17 years, from Samoa to China to Panama to Kuwait, wherever serious mischief was being dealt, duke has been a major player.

Action Figure! tells the unvarnished story so far-the definitive look at a man whose life has become, with this long-awaited volume, an open, if occasionally incomprehensible, book.

8 1/2 x 9 inches, 96 pages, b&w.