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    Bruce Palmer | Kansas City, MO | October 24, 2021

    Re: The Sunday 10/24/21 "Say What?": It is easier for an octopus-like creature to pass through a hypodermic needle than it is for an anti-vaxer to admit that she or he is wrong.


    Martin Fass | Rochester, NY | October 24, 2021

    How fortunate we are, in the midst of these nightmare times, that you bring us these brand new Sunday comics every week! Thank you!!


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | October 24, 2021

    Shouldn't some fellow patron bring Mister Covid a booster seat?

  • WOW

    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | October 22, 2021

    Wow, that Z&Z packs a wallop!


    Margo D. | Castlegar, CANADA | October 21, 2021

    Re today's SayWhat?:

    "They are trying to demasculate the young men in this country because they don't want people who are going to stand up. And so all you moms...if you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster."  -- Rep. Madison Cawthorn

    Surely Cawthorn has it backwards. It's the real men who do stand up, and they stand up against the "monsters" of Cawthorn's imagining.


    Tom Morin | Grimes, IA | October 19, 2021

    Of course there are still a few "buds" in the system.


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | October 10, 2021

    What country is this? It's Texas, of course! Is it too late to undo admitting them to the Union?


    Marcia R. Martin | Longmont, CO | October 10, 2021

    Today's Sunday strip now has my vote for saddest Doonesbury ever. It's not the poignant, tear-jerking sadness of Andy's death, or the sweet sorrow of Dick Davenport's. It's not Alex's desperation when Kim leaves Mike early in their romance. It's just dry-eyed, sickening despair. What country is this?

  • THE "Q" IN Q-ANON?

    Greg | Omaha, NE | October 04, 2021

    Did Doonesbury just reveal the source of the "Q" in Q-Anon? In the 1996 Classic strip that ran on Saturday, Phred is wearing a hat featuring that infamous letter. Knowing that the "movement" stole so much from sci-fi shows and other pop-culture sources, this would not be surprising.

    Editor's Note:

    FYI, "Q" stood for the Q Bar Saigon, a local hangout popular with expats in Ho Chi Minh City in the late '90s. It not only survives, it takes online table reservations.


    Chris | St. Augustine, FL | October 04, 2021

    The Bachman's warbler has officially been declared extinct. It makes me so sad. Thanks for your part in keeping its memory alive.

    Editor's Note:

    In a remarkable 1986 series of strips, Congresswoman Lacey Davenport's husband Dick fulfilled his dream of photographing the extremely rare Bachman's warbler; it turned out to be the last act of his life. To read the six-day story arc begin here and click forward.


    Myron Buchholz | Eau Claire, WI | September 28, 2021

    Today's 25-years-ago flashback from September 28, 1976 is funny. Historically, it’s brutal. I was a college frosh and naïvely believed racism was ending.

  • 35 YEARS AGO

    Wolfgang Beutin | Rellingen, DEUTSCHLAND | September 27, 2021

    Re the 35-years-ago-today strip: For the record, the haircut J.J. gave Mike was way better than the dorky one he had in the early years


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | September 26, 2021

    Unlike the base, at least Mr. Covid speaks some truth. (Sad.)


    Steve P. | Wilmington, NC | September 26, 2021

    Re today’s Say What?: Pretty early on in the pandemic I realized that the thing to do was listen to Trump and do the opposite of whatever he said.


    Patti H. | Rome, NY | September 21, 2021

    The Flashbacks page also recently featured the 50-years-ago introduction of Boopsie (who then apparently spelled her name "Boopsy").


    Margo D. | Castlegar, CANADA | September 21, 2021

    There's a nice synchronicity on the Flashbacks page today: the 21 September 1971 introduction of "uptight end" Zonker and the reminiscing "football star" Zonker of 21 September 2001.


    Sharon | New York, NY | September 19, 2021

    I really like the "blood on his hands" depiction of Trump. Bravo, GBT!


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | September 12, 2021

    "When you're a star....You can do anything." From admitted carnal assault to orbiting untethered by tax, billionaires do well of/by/for themselves. Like Zipper, the rest of us wish upon a star -- and need to start doing better.


    Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | September 08, 2021

    Seeing the family last Sunday was just so fantastic. Clearly, we're living in the future. How did that even happen?


    Karen | Layton, UT | August 30, 2021

    Let the record show that I am not a Trump supporter, regardless of what today's strip might indicate.