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    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 14, 2021

    Hey, the New York Times says that after the just-announced 9/11/21 withdrawl of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the U.S. will rely on private contractors to fight terrorists there. The Red Rascal strikes again!


    Margo D. | Castlegar, CANADA | April 13, 2021

    Re today's SayWhat?: "To make the whole world tremble." With those attendance numbers (3, 1, 1, and zero) the whole world must indeed be trembling -- with laughter.


    Stan Simple | Kingstown, MD | April 11, 2021

    What a genius, that Billy Shakespeare! Such remarkable clairvoyance!! Still, all’s well that ends well -- so far.


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | April 11, 2021

    What an ironic title for a play that so presciently susses Big Blonder: All's Well That Ends Well. Three points. One, let's keep in mind David Plouffe's warning that if Dems fare poorly at the polls in 2024, "the US will be[come] an autocracy." Two, from never-Trump Republicans to way too many forgetful Dems, scads of naifs have been painting Trump as a stark aberration in his party; in fact, from climate change to regime change to tax cuts supposedly for those "at the very bottom," George "WMD" Bush lied his smirky, hard-right head off (to the point that, if memory serves, some past strips portray him in an empty helmet). Three, someone needs to remind B.D. that if Trump and cohorts can repeat fraught fibs to the crack of doom, "good people" (quoting Tolstoy) have no choice but to reprise the truth as needed. 


    William Cainee | Mount Dora, FL | April 11, 2021

    The Duke of Wellington nailed Trump better than Shakespeare when he described Louis XVIII as “a perfect walking sore, not a part of his body sound...selfish and false in the highest degree.”


    Thomas Shoesmith | New York, NY | April 10, 2021

    Re today's Classic strip: I have remembered and loved Alex's last line since 1995!


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | April 06, 2021

    Ohhh, Alex. Our world would look nothing like it does today if not for this electronic asteroid strike of genius we now take as normal. Someday someone will stand far enough from these trees to see the forest that is our age. Of all our follies and fame, it is the development of computing technology that will distinguish us from other ages.

    I worked on the very first vacuum tube computer in Seattle, in the UW Mechanical Engineering building. It took up the entire basement. Today I have more horsepower in my cell phone. So many times I have learned complete technologies only to see them disappear. Relays to tubes to transistors to integrated circuits. Linotype to mainframes to desktops to laptops. Simple gas engines to computer-controlled to CVT to electric cars. Garry's seen the same, from acetate cells to computer-based graphics. What hasn't changed is creativity: writers still write, cartoonists will invent entire families that take on human form, become real in our minds.

    Meantime, my office currently has three Macs under repair, two others headed for a junk bin, a new one humming away, and a couple old PCs gathering dust on the floor. What will we have when the twins hit college?

  • ALEX IN 1995

    John-Charles Duffy | Oxford, OH | April 05, 2021

    Alex in 1995: I want a computer with a 2 GB hard drive! Mike in 1995: I don't know, honey... That's a LOT of computer. Me in 2021: rotflmao.



    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | April 04, 2021

    With the party of domestic terror looking to put our democracy in "Final Jeopardy," in light of today's strip's anti-reality TV's Euro-Mexico gaffe-writ-large, let's pause to recall one of Trump's Big Lies of 2016: "Mexico will pay to build a wall she does not want." Fast forward. Four years and 25,000 voter-Trumping fibs later, we need barriers around our national legislature. And, figuratively, around our basic, sacred right to vote.

    (Aside to BD: time to get off the couch, dude.)


    Jerry Larson | Glendale, CA | April 03, 2021

    Actually, pineapples don't fall from palm trees. Coconuts do.


    Ina S. Woolman | Cranston, RI | March 31, 2021

    Today's "Say What?" comment by Lindsey Graham reveals a fundamental trait of people drawn to authoritarian leaders -- fear of outsiders. His scenario is extreme, but the mindset underlies much of what so many politicians are trying to do right now.


    Robin | Grand Rapids, MI | March 31, 2021

    I just now noticed the patterns on Duke and Earl's shirts. The pineapple doesn't fall far from the palm tree, huh? 


    Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | March 28, 2021

    Today's strip hit close to home, literally. Here in our southern red state, we have witnessed the most hateful legislative session in memory. Bills on every redneck riling issue: two against abortion, two trans bashing, a "stand your ground" for the gun nuts, a "conscience" bill allowing medical people to deny treatment to anyone they morally object to, and more. As far as I can tell not a single bill that actually helps people or tries to solve problems. This is where the Republican Party is today. In spite of the damage done, I do not expect to see Democrats win a statewide office or congressional seat in my lifetime. 


    Terence McGee | Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES | March 28, 2021

    Some people seem to be confused by President Biden's comment on new voting restrictions: ("This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.") I hope Doonesbury can explain what a metaphor is, and that Jim Eagle will be bigger and more dangerous than Jim Crow. If you are already working on a strip in which Jimmy Crow himself explains, never mind...


    Thomas Ehrenberg | Putney, VT | March 23, 2021

    Loved Sunday's SayWhat? quoting Sen.Ted Cruz: "[The HR1 Voting Rights bill] says America would be better off if more murderers were voting. America would be better off if more rapists and child molesters were voting." You know, Ted, I agree that maybe Donald Trump and his friends shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but after all, it is still a democracy.


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | March 22, 2021

    Especially in yesterday's strip, superb defining of the party of bigotry / "throw out the ballots" / space lasers. As an added bonus, Jimmy Crow's latest saga somehow jogged my mind to connect a certain ex-President's bloody hands and golf gloves (from some prior strips) with the still underreported, still understated, Trump-fomented gore on Capitol Hill. Shaking one's head in disgust and horror, one can only try to grasp the need to bear in mind the specter of domestic terrorists not wont to go quietly. (At all.)


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | March 22, 2021

    In today's Classic Doonesbury strip, why are panels 3 and 4 both signed?

    Editor's Note:

    We'll probably never know. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  • NAME

    Margo D. | Castelgar, CANADA | March 21, 2021

    "REPUBLIQAN." That's such a brilliant, fused name for them. The only thing brilliant about the party, too.  


    Thomas | Durham, UNITED KINGDOM | March 19, 2021

    It doesn’t often happen, but there is a continuity gap in the current Classic storyline, created by the new Sunday strip that ran on March 14th. Could you please post a link to the Sunday that originally ran in that spot, which shows how Mike found out J.J. isn't in a coma? 

    Editor's Note:

    With pleasure. Thanks for asking. A link was posted on Roland's Twitter feed, but many probably missed that. Voila! -- The 10-29-95 Sunday.

  • J.J.

    Robin | Grand Rapids, MI | March 19, 2021

    Lord, do I despise J.J. I'd never even read the current story arc before and I despised her. This is just confirmation. The only good thing she's ever done was ignore Alex enough to keep from scarring her up.