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    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | April 04, 2022

    And one of the best ever: David Horsey!


    Don | Spring Mills, PA | April 03, 2022

    Well-drawn political cartoons do seem to be getting rare. Fortunately we get this one every Sunday.


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 03, 2022

    Editorial cartoonists may be disappearing from the big daily newspapers, but they're still around, and you can find them on the Internet: Keith Knight, Dan Perkins (Tom Tomorrow), Ruben Bolling, Jen Sorensen, Matt Bors, and many more!


    David Stanford, Duty Officer | | April 02, 2022

    ...including two of my favorites: Ann Telnaes (on WaPo and on Twitter!), and Rob Rogers (read his "I Was Fired for Making Fun of Trump" here). Here's a link to the Association of American Society of Editorial Cartoonists, which offers a daily feed, and you can check out editorial cartoons from all over the globe at Cartoon Movement.

  • 22nd Amendment

    Sharon | New York, NY | March 27, 2022

    Thank you! I've been waiting for someone to make the 22nd Amendment argument to Trump. I'd say "you can't have it both ways" but I know that wouldn't get through to him. I still like those blood-stained hands...

  • B.D.

    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | March 20, 2022

    In the beginning, B.D. was a total jerk. And then he came home from the war and quickly became a really decent person. It was great! But lately he seems to be turning back into a jerk. I vote no.


    Martin Fass | Rochester, NY | March 06, 2022

    What a marvelous episode. I have to work hard every day to recognize that except for a tiny minority, people in this country will refuse to do anything to support Democracy in the elections this year -- and in our future. Cheers for Garry Trudeau!


    Beej | Morrisville, NC | March 01, 2022

    Now I'm left wondering how different the world would be today if Duke had fired that RPG...

  • GAME

    Don | Spring Mills, PA | March 01, 2022

    There was a Trump board game? Who Knew?


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | February 27, 2022

    Sen. Manchin gets the gold; they get the shaft. Sad.


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | February 27, 2022

    "Coal execs are people, too!" Harsh. I always thought of them as self-ingratiating worms. 


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | February 26, 2022

    How timely can a five-year-old Flashback be?


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | February 20, 2022

    Right you are, Alex. For the cleanest, best-lit place to show off, self-promote, and seek approval, why look further?


    Ina Woolman | Cranston, RI | February 09, 2022

    I'm grateful to Roland Hedley for retweeting GBT's 1994 New York Times piece "Street Calculus," a work of genius. We all carry the ancient human survival instinct to "size up" the stranger -- but we must learn to use our minds and hearts to get beyond "fight or flight." Thanks, GBT!


    Mary Asicit | Long Creek, SC | February 06, 2022

    Re: Today's Former Guy RIP fantasy -- I imagine the kids will show up. And whoever the current wife is. I do hope I live to see it.

  • J.J.

    Kathleen DeWitt | Duhok, KURDISTAN | February 02, 2022

    The January 23rd Sunday strip somehow brought home to me the huge difference between the J.J. we first met all those decades ago and who she is today. Back then she was a kind fun-loving young woman, and now she is greedy, cynical, and unfeeling. Gosh. I would never have guessed when I first met the young J.J. that she would end up as she is today....


    Bruce Bendix | Saginaw, MI | February 02, 2022

    Knowing he must be an avid reader of Doonesbury, today's Classic strip from 1997 is surely where Trump got the idea of "Fake News."


    Stephen Michael Horvath | Croton-on-Hudson, NY | January 29, 2022

    GBT, prescient as usual in today's Classic strip from 1997... Yes it's been 20+ (!) years to get to the (mostly) decriminalized cannabis phase in this country. Still more states to go! Carry on, Zonk!


    John McQueen | Westminster, MD | January 26, 2022

    Wow. If the last panel of the five-years-ago Flashback strip was flash-forwarded from 2017 to today, the pupil's response might be, "Well my parents say I'm right, so you're in BIG trouble!" As are we all. Cry, the beloved country.

  • DUKE

    Angie B. | Toronto, CANADA | January 16, 2022

    Seeing Duke and Earl enjoy a K Street drink made me appreciate just how long now Duke has been relatively stable and settled. The two reunited in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – over 16 years ago! – following Duke's stint as mayor of Al-Amok. After a shaky start to his new career in lobbying, Duke awoke from his fugue state -- during which he still somehow managed to rack up billings – and really has not looked back since. He's quite the survivor!