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    Tim Sierra | Kindlem, INDIA | April 07, 2019

    Perhaps, as stated by Boopsie at the time of her birth, Sam is a reincarnation of Mother Teresa -- although at birth she would have been a pre-incarnation, or a simultaneous incarnation (as Mother Teresa was still alive).


    Michael Matzking | Fairfield, IA | April 07, 2019

    Great segue between yesterday's classic strip – newborn Sam wants to "feed and clothe lepers" – and today's on her helping the homeless.


    Steven Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | April 02, 2019

    The Jewish day begins at sunset, so Trump brilliantly tweeted about April Fool's Day on March 31st in a very savvy effort to gain Jewish voters. His 2020 campaign will apparently be the best ever in the history of the U.S.


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | April 01, 2019

    Ah'm sorry, but I still miss the former page design and the video clips. There were so many neat little nooks and crannies to poke around in. Guess I'm just getting old. But hey, thanks for bringing some small pieces of humor into this mess of a time! 


    Peter Conant | Appleton, ME | March 29, 2019

    it was the Universal Life Church for me and my college roommate. He even had his cactus plant ordained. We still had to protect it from the Draft, though, by moving it off the windowsill.


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | March 28, 2019

    The Christian Order of Immaculate Pacifism? The one I remember was the Universal Life Church. Somewhere I may still have my official minister card from them. (It didn't get you out of the draft, though; they caught on to that scam pretty quickly. And it didn't get you a tax break either.)

  • SAD

    James Garner | North Little Rock, AR | March 24, 2019

    Re the 30-years-ago-today Flashback strip: GBT prognosticated another snapshot from the 21st century -- a sad "bitter, lonely" view! 


    Steve Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | March 18, 2019

    I can relate to today's strip. My wife asked my mother-in-law a political question recently. My mother-in law replied that she would not discuss politics. My reaction was to pick up three oranges out of the centerpiece and start juggling. 


    Patti H. | Rome, NY | March 17, 2019

    Yikes! It's Honey! (It took me two panels to realize that.) And all I can think of is the decades-old daily strip where she tells Ambassador Duke that she's sort of running the country, and the Sunday one where she explains she didn't demolish the Great Wall. Good times.


    Bob Broughton | Guanajuato, MEXICO | March 17, 2019

    You have done a valuable public service by drawing attention to BRI. There are BRI projects under way or in the works all over Latin America, and they are happening mostly under the radar screen.


    Duncan | Bloomington, IN | March 17, 2019

    "Colonized Tonga"? Ah, so that's where Minister Honey plans to put the three million people she wants to displace!

  • USA

    Andrew Laine | W. Yarmouth, MA | March 17, 2019

    So well put! Just three years ago it was USA with TPP leading the way, and now...this. How far and how fast we have fallen! Climate change will be the great leveler, so we can still reclaim a leadership role if we do a better job voting and voicing. America does love an underdog story. It's now or never.

  • MARK

    Tim Shimeall | Pittsburgh, PA | March 12, 2019

    Wow. In the last strip on today's Flashbacks page ("Even revolutionaries like Chocolate Chip cookies"), Mark says "We'll have to fight to the death to make this country great again!" I would never have picked him for an early Trump supporter!

    Editor's Note:

    There are clearly still some glitches with the FLASHBACKS page. For instance, the strip in question is labeled as having appeared five years ago, but it actually appeared on December 22, 1970, a few months after the strip launched. Thanks for bearing with us while we try to iron out the weirdness.


    L. Lapp | West Chester, PA | March 08, 2019

    Reading Franklin Foer's eloquent recap of Paul Manafort's amoral career, I had the strange life-imitates-cartoon sense that I was actually reading Uncle Duke's bio. We all knew Duke's character was initially inspired by Hunter Thompson, but I always assumed that Duke's over-the-top pursuit of corruption and profiteering had no single real-life counterpart. Turns out it's way funnier in the comics than in real life.


    Patti H. | Rome, NY | March 06, 2019

    Gosh, it looks like it was a lovely, early spring (45-years-ago-today) day at Walden when Roland arrived, especially considering he'll soon be introduced to the commune's "marijuana plant" in full bloom.


    Elizabeth Weiser | Newark, OH | March 06, 2019

    How sadly ironic that the joke of the 40-years-ago-today Flashback strip — Duke saying the NRA wants to bring gun sportsmanship into our once-proud schools — is the reality we now live.


    Jan, Tom, and Chris | CANADA, KENTUCKY, FLORIDA | March 04, 2019

    "When was Rosie born? How did I miss this?
    -- Jan, Vancouver, CANADA

    "Were did Rosie come from?"
    -- Tom Tingley, Florence, KY

    "I realize we have all been distracted, but did you skip an entire pregnancy? Congratulations, Alex and Toggle!"
    -- Chris, St. Augustine, FL

    Editor's Note:

    A bit of confusion is understandable, as readers who blinked may have missed the big good news that was revealed in the February 4, 2018 Sunday strip.


    Suzie | Quzie, ONTARIO | March 04, 2019

    Wow -- Alex and Leo have a third kid already? Awesome. I remember reading when she was born (and I don't mean in the Classics series -- I mean on the original publication date). Time sure flies. 


    John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | March 04, 2019

    With Sunday's strip and recent classics, we get a non-topical two-fer. The Boopsie/B.D. reprise trots out many of the usual tropes regarding grownup couples (okay - the Warren Beatty crack was "topical"). The latest Doonesbury grandchild exaggerates precocity to a new multi-syllabic, multi-word level (and okay - "wall" is topical, too). 


    Steve Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | March 04, 2019

    Try as you might, the Boopsie/B.D. relationship will never reach the soap opera heights Luke and Laura attained.