A man of many talents, none of them of any use to a journalist, Roland Burton Hedley III nonetheless began his career at Time magazine, and was assigned to the Saigon bureau, where he covered sports. Deciding to add his mellifluous baritone to the cacophony of American broadcasting, he joined "ABC Wide World of News," and made a name for himself by travelling constantly to the world's hotspots, stopping briefly at laundromats between assignments. He has covered numerous presidential campaigns and world tours, mercilessly badgering officials with probing questions and inane queries alike. He attracted a good deal of attention for his field coverage of rebel forces in the mountains of Afghanistan -- most of it from snipers.

Without a doubt Hedley is best known for his l980 election-eve expedition into Reagan's brain. Six years later he mounted a deja vu follow-up expedition in an effort to jar loose presidential Iranscam memories. But the assignment which left a lasting personal scar was the l988 GOP convention in New Orleans. While on the convention floor interviewing the Governor of Vermont, Hedley's headset caught on fire: trapped in his helmet, he was badly burned. Hedley bounded back and made international headlines when he broke an exclusive story which explained the mysterious perpetual three-day beard of PLO chairman Yassir Arafat.

After 20 years with ABC, Hedley made the move to narrowcasting, becoming chief content provider and portal correspondent for AOL-Time-Warner-CNN-Yap!com. Traveling incognito in Afghanistan, he was captured by the Taliban, wounded by Spam in a U.S. food drop, then rescued by the CIA. Shortly thereafter, he scored a second Yassir Arafat coup with a live interview from the besieged Palestinian leader's compound, conducted entirely by flashlight. Following his harrowing tour of Rummy World, Hedley was hired by Jim Andrews to be Dubya's go-to guy, lobbing softballs at White House Press conferences.

Now running under the Fox banner, in early 2009 "Ro-J"began a Twitter binge which culminated with the publication of "My Shorts Are Bunching. Thoughts?" The Tweets of Roland Hedley. The following year he journeyed north, to Alaska, and stalked Joe McGuinness, who was stalking Sarah Palin for a bio. In a remarkable instance of synchronicity a year later, a rogue copy of the tome fell into Roland's hands, allowing him to tweet headline-worthy excerpts of the embargoed non-bestseller to the waiting world.

Since 2017 Hedley has served as Trump Tweets Bureau Chief for Fox News, and posts regularly on his Twitter feed: @RealRBHJr.