Jeff Redfern

The son of social activist and former Justice Department lawyer Joanie Caucus and Washington Post journalist Rick Redfern, Jeff Redfern was born in December, 1982. He showed an early predeliction for prepositions such as "although", "and", "but" and "unless". Despite difficult passage through the day care years -- largely the result of his inability to speak the native language of his caregivers -- Redfern was outed as a gifted child at four and sent to nerd school. Despite this training he was nonetheless able to nurture a gift of extreme hand-eye coordination to achieve a high level of mastery of Doom. By the time he reached puberty he was a veteran of Camp Cyberpines.

Heavily recruited by Walden College as an academic ringer, he was awarded a full football scholarship and is a first string benchman for the Fighting Swooshes. When not playing videogames and helping plan the annual Walden Riot, Redfern has actually gotten serious about his studies. Along with roommate-teammate Zipper Harris, he co-founded and sold it to entrepreneur Mike Doonesbury. Recruited by the CIA as a summer intern, Redfern managed to accidentally launch a Hellfire missile from a Predator drone, taking out an Al-Qaeda ammo dump. He was subsequently assigned to study Arabic in Spook School and sent back to SW Asia for Gulf War II.

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