Rick Redfern

Although his resume includes a stint working the "Chatter" section of People magazine, Rick Redfern is best known for his long career as a hard-hitting investigative reporter for The Washington Post. He's broken numerous major stories over the years, from the Washington Redskins drug scandal to the Brett Kimberlin affair. His high profile interviews with heavyweight newsmakers like Baby Doc Duvalier won Redfern his own profile in David Halberstam's epic tome, Creme de la Creme. Other ground-level reporting included the award-winning series based on his time undercover with Washington's homeless, to his frontline reporting from the sands of Saudi Arabia, and his tour of duty in the gritty chad-pits of Florida. He met long-time wife Joanie Caucus while covering Virginia Slade's run for Congress against Lacey Davenport, Joanie's eventual boss.

A reporter's reporter, Redfern is also a boy's dad and was, until Dubya took the oath of office, a Washington insider's husband. The 21st century has not been kind in any of these areas. Joanie retired and Rick was booted from the Post, suddenly finding himself blogging for a living, ever in search of eyeballs and a paycheck. Long baffled and frustrated by his slacker son Jeff’s unearned sense of entitlement, Redfern suffered the indignity of watching him strike bestseller gold as the Facebook folkhero “Red Rascal” and buy a 12-bedroom mansion. Rick is also puzzled by the fact that he is married to a grandmother. He now writes for the Huffington Post.

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