Rev. Sloan

In the late 60s the Rev. Scot Sloan was a dedicated and inspiring social activist, described by Look magazine as "the fighting young priest who can talk to the kids." In the vanguard of a new breed of campus clergy, he dedicated himself to setting up community programs, including tutoring for neighborhood kids. Thus he met Walden College student Mike Doonesbury, who at Sloan's urging, tutored -- and in turn was clued-in by -- a black elementary school student named Thor. Some years later, when the denizens of Walden Commune were forced by graduation to abandon their idyllic rural abode, it was Rev. Sloan who saved it from the wrecking ball, re-christening it first as a sanctuary for Central American refugees, then as a community church. In recent years the social activities have overwhelmed the liturgical -- there may be an occasional service but it's hard to find it among the aerobics and twelve-step programs. He occasionally looks wistfully back to the period when he dated a lawyer-to-be named Joanie Caucus, but in the here and now Sloan is married to his work -- the thoroughly modern minister/ enabler. And he has married many of his friends, including Joanie and Rick, Mike and J.J., Alice and Elmont,and most recently, J.J. and Zeke.

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