Alex Doonesbury

A true child of the media, Alex Doonesbury was born in real time on cable television. At the time, her mother, J.J., was a performance artist/taxi driver, and her father Mike Doonesbury was a chronically underemployed advertising "consultant." In her early years, Alex was cared for by nanny Zonker Harris, with few apparent side effects. When her parents split up Alex and her father settled in Seattle, where she attended great public schools and became a seriously competent hacker before she reached puberty. She played a key role in successfully bringing the Boomer and Gen-X worlds together, represented by her father and coder extraordinaire Kim Rosenthal. Throughout the dotcom boom the three played hardball with software, searching for the Killer App. In the post-bubble world they now run, for whom Alex aggressively acquires the intellectual assets of failed dotcoms.

In her spare time Alex maintains the phenomenally successful Alex-cam web site, and issues tickets to SUV's for "violating the public good." She has serious issues with her father over file-sharing, which he deplores. Her mother JJ, an intermittently successful sculptor, lives nearby, co-habiting with Zeke, whose name Alex mispronounces as "Uncle Stupidhead."

Note: Bio updates are coming soon!

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