Zeke Brenner

Zeke Brenner, long-time paramour of J.J., is a man of great resources, largely sponged or purloined from other people. For many years, he was caretaker of Owl Ranch, Duke's Colorado spread. When his employer was listed as missing in Iran, Zeke moved quickly to have him declared legally dead. Capitalizing on his employer's notoriety, he then hired a ghost writer to pen Duke: Portrait of a Mentor, which he promoted nationwide, appearing on "The Phil Donahue Show". Soon thereafter, Zeke managed to burn the ranch to the ground. When Duke unexpectedly returned, he rewarded his caretaker's various initiatives by pumping several bullets into him. Subsequent to the shooting, Zeke, wisely, sought other employment

A star-crossed, chance reunion with J.J. at an art exhibit quickly led to adultery, an extended road trip, cohabitation, and eventually marriage, the ceremony artfully consummated as an online pay-for-view event. His never-on, off-again relationship with stepdaughter Alex earned him the moniker “Uncle Stupidhead.”

An entrepreneur in his own distasteful fashion, Zeke was the mastermind behind an elaborate scam in which he and biker/suitor Skid sought to defraud the Widow Doonesbury. Always willing to up the ante on disrespect, Zeke attended her funeral drunk, hit on a mourner, then helped Skid break in through an upstairs window. Zeke and J.J. live in Seattle, where he is known as the guy who lives with the Art Princess of Puget Sound.

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