The shift in hours will bring Metrobus service to 85 percent of what it was prior to the pandemic.

Since January, the FAA had used special enforcement powers to crack down on passengers who refuse to listen to crew members.

Findings follow a collision, derailment and red light overruns in Metro rail yards

A Metro maintenance vehicle derailed after service hours but caused no injures.

Access to the Capitol Building and Capitol Square also will be restricted, according to police.

Starting Tuesday through the end of the year, Metrorail will keep stations that are near local sporting venues open for 30 minutes after the end of a game that stretches beyond 11 p.m.

Legislation would also require passengers wear masks on airplanes and in airports during public health emergencies caused by a respiratory disease.

From June 1 to Sept. 30, all overdue parking, photo-enforcement and moving violation tickets can be paid without penalty, Bowser said.

According to court filings, the incident took place in August on a flight between Philadelphia and Orlando.

Officials said people with concealed-carry permits cannot carry weapons onto planes.

A Metro spokesman said two passengers were treated for “minor medical issues” that included anxiety and dehydration.

The cars were abandoned after separate incidents in June 2020 and January 2021.

In one incident, the passenger allegedly refused to wear a mask and behaved so badly that the captain diverted the flight and headed back to Boston.

Washington Dulles International and Reagan National join a growing number of U.S. airports now offering coronavirus testing to passengers.

Two travelers carrying loaded guns while going through airport security were caught by Transportation Security Officers.

The city will resume parking enforcement around schools next week, ending a months-long break because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The northbound lanes of D.C. 295 are blocked, and delays stretch for more than two miles.

An American Airlines spokeswoman said the possible mechanical issue was not related MCAS, an automated flight control system that has been cited as a factor in two fatal crashes of the 737 Boeing Max.

Beginning March 4, health officials will require travelers from he Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Guinea to provide contact information. Officials will also begin directing flights from those countries to six airports in the U.S.

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