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An initiative to elect the president based on the popular vote is already just a few states away from becoming a reality.

As millennials age, it's often claimed they are just passing through life's phases at the same rate as the generations before them. But that claim's just another millennial myth.

Economists analyzed about 400 billion transactions to measure whether online shopping helped the economy. They found its benefits flow disproportionately to urban, high-income households.

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It turns out that impulsive economic divorces are a bad idea, too.

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A new analysis aims to upend conventional wisdom about why black wealth lags so far behind.

“It is dangerous," said the head of a Puerto Rican nonprofit group that provides food to the homeless. "People don’t have enough money to buy food already."

Vaccines, worker deaths and other things the U.S. does better than Canada, datawise.

New data suggest American renters are making the leap to homeownership. What's behind the change of heart?

The 206 cases in January and February already surpass annual totals for most of the past decade.

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Chief executives were supposed to be getting paid more for performance. Instead, they're getting paid more for non-performance.

The Trump administration on Thursday proposed new rules mandating when certain workers must be given overtime pay, pushing a plan that would raise pay for more than a million people but scales back th...

The drop is because of the poor performance of the stock market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Many state and local tax codes are regressive by design and contributing to income inequality.

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The big question is what exactly targeting "2 percent inflation" should mean.

It seems pretty clear that our 20th-century institutions are failing our 21st-century families.

The next Census will likely show that Vermont's long, slow population decline has begun. And that's not the only thing the state has in common with Europe: It's old, it's white, it's shrinking and it elects democratic socialists.

We've seen the upcoming wave of Boomer retirements coming for decades, so why is it taking some companies by surprise?

African American or Afro-Caribbean: Black people in Miami lag behind white people economically, no matter where they trace their roots

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Republicans often get credit for cutting taxes on the rich, but Democrats have played a big role, too.

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