‘A magnet for rip-off artists’: Fraud siphoned billions from pandemic unemployment benefits

Identity theft and sophisticated criminal schemes siphoned billions from pandemic unemployment benefits while government officials were unprepared to deploy relief aid.

By Tony Romm and Yeganeh TorbatiMay 15, 2022

Fed chair says interest rates should have gone up sooner

Powell’s comments to Marketplace showed a sharper sentiment of regret than past remarks on the issue. The Fed has faced criticism for delaying interest rate hikes and ending stimulus-era financial supports, which work together to cool off the economy and bring prices down.

By Rachel SiegelMay 12, 2022

Senate confirms Jerome Powell to second term as Federal Reserve chair

Much of his legacy now depends on whether the central bank can prevent a recession.

By Rachel SiegelMay 12, 2022

GOP opposition leaves covid aid in peril as White House warns of surge

The Senate is still stuck on whether to spend $10 billion on tests, therapeutics and vaccines nationwide.

By Tony RommMay 11, 2022

Economist Lisa Cook to become first Black woman on Fed board

Cook’s confirmation comes as the Federal Reserve is trying to slash inflation and stabilize a recovery that serves all Americans.

By Rachel SiegelMay 10, 2022

Federal watchdog opens ‘review’ of Tex. use of covid aid on border crackdown

The investigation comes after a Washington Post report on the state’s budget transfers.

By Tony RommMay 10, 2022

How federal pandemic aid helped Texas pay for its border crackdown

Texas has relied indirectly on money it received under a 2020 covid spending law to help pay for Operation Lone Star, its border enforcement plan

By Tony RommMay 6, 2022

Bank regulators aim to narrow gaps in access to loans

The regulators are proposing updates to the historic Community Reinvestment Act, which was crafted to encourage banks to lend in low-income neighborhoods.

By Rachel SiegelMay 5, 2022

Fed hikes rates by half a percentage point in fight against inflation

The sharpest rate increase since 2000 comes as the Fed tries to slow down the economy without thrusting it into a recession.

By Rachel Siegel and Abha BhattaraiMay 4, 2022

With Roe at risk, GOP faces pressure to support families after a birth

Republican supporters of policies to help children say new restrictions on abortion should change political calculus.

By Jeff SteinMay 3, 2022

Amazon and Starbucks union workers could be invited to White House

The move comes after the White House had said it would resist picking sides in high-profile union disputes.

By Jeff Stein and Greg JaffeApril 30, 2022

White House officials weigh income limits for student loan forgiveness

Senior aides of President Biden have examined limiting the relief to people who earned less than $125,000 or $150,000 as individual filers for the previous year.

By Jeff SteinApril 30, 2022

The White House tries to adjust to changing economy

The administration has faced complicated economic news amid an unusual recovery from a recession

By Jeff SteinApril 28, 2022

Democrats unveil new push to punish oil and gas giants for high prices

The new push reflects a renewed sense of urgency among party lawmakers, who returned to Washington this week after hearing an earful from voters who have seen the costs of housing, groceries and other goods spike at their highest rate in roughly four decades.

By Tony Romm,  Leigh Ann Caldwell and Mike DeBonisApril 28, 2022

Senate confirms Lael Brainard to be Federal Reserve vice chair

Votes are expected this week on President Biden’s other nominees to the central bank, including Jerome H. Powell to a second term as chair.

By Rachel SiegelApril 26, 2022

Fears mount inside White House that Manchin won’t agree to any deal

Biden has little to show for months of trying to woo the West Virginia senator over his expansive economic agenda.

By Jeff Stein and Mike DeBonisApril 26, 2022

Ukraine asks U.S. for $2 billion per month in emergency economic aid

The country's finance minister said in an interview that the funding is necessary for Ukraine's immediate economic needs.

By Jeff Stein and Tony RommApril 25, 2022

Congress returns to battles over spending as inflation looms

Democrats aim to enact additional aid and refashion a social spending initiative.

By Tony RommApril 24, 2022

Western leaders walk out as Russian officials address G-20

World leaders have gathered in D.C. for meetings of national finance ministers.

By Jeff Stein and Stefano PitrelliApril 20, 2022

The U.S. will boycott some G-20 meetings to protest Russia’s invasion

The U.S. treasury secretary is set to skip meetings of international leaders over Russia's presence.

By Jeff SteinApril 19, 2022