U.S. weapons manufacturers stand to benefit significantly from the new spending.

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Every argument against Cain being at the Fed applies equally well to Moore.

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In some jurisdictions, marijuana possession cases account for over 40 percent of all arrests.

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The gold standard helped destroy the world economy in the 1930s. Trump's latest Fed picks have supported it as recently as a few years ago.

We conducted a thought experiment asking what would happen if Americans with U.K. ancestry split from those with E.U. ancestry. It wouldn't be as bad as Brexit.

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Herman Cain is the biggest shot yet in President Trump's war on the Fed's independence

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Stephen Moore doesn't understand how monetary policy works. Why aren't more Republican policymakers saying this?

An ambitious new study tracks how the sons of slave owners fared financially after emancipation

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The mayor of South Bend, Ind., is making an improbable run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

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Stephen Moore's appointment to the Fed would be a major step up in its politicization and step down in its expertise.

A student’s choice of major can shape the rest of their lives — and yet research shows their picks can be swayed by something as simple as scheduling a particular class too early in the morning.

"It’s time to end the 120-year injustice of Puerto Rico being a colony," a House lawmaker said.

Some left-leaning economists argue the plans would help middle-class families overall by reducing their spending on health care and education.

Studies show that lawmakers drastically underestimate public support for raising the minimum wage.

The comments come amid reports of President Trump's desire to limit further aid to the island.

A force that's quietly upending the work and retirement of millions of older Americans.

New data show the rise in white Americans who fear for their economic future subsided after the 2016 election, but now the same sentiment is rising among black Americans.

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An initiative to elect the president based on the popular vote is already just a few states away from becoming a reality.

As millennials age, it's often claimed they are just passing through life's phases at the same rate as the generations before them. But that claim's just another millennial myth.

Economists analyzed about 400 billion transactions to measure whether online shopping helped the economy. They found its benefits flow disproportionately to urban, high-income households.

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