The administration has faced an uproar over the plan from Republicans and industry groups.

The debate between the two senators reflects ongoing tensions between the Democratic Party’s liberal and moderate factions, which have held up President Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda.

The benefit increase is large because of increases in inflation.

Appearing at her weekly press conference, Pelosi said there are “important decisions to make in the next few days” to slim down its overall price tag to an amount that the full party, including its spending-weary centrists, ultimately can support

United States and 135 other countries endorsed the measure last week to combat corporate tax-cutting

The White House has only a short stretch to pass two major bills and avoid a government default.

136 countries have now agreed to minimum tax rules for businesses, but each government must formally approve the changes.

Short-term reprieve avoids default but only delays a major political clash over the borrowing limit.

An agreement could prevent a financial calamity, but Democrats and Republicans were not united on how any new pact might work.

The White House has warned of dire economic consequences if the borrowing limit isn’t increased.

President Biden on Tuesday said it is a “real possibility” that Senate Democrats could seek to rethink the chamber’s filibuster rules in order to overcome a Republican blockade on raising the debt ceiling.

Fed leaders have said the trading activities of its top leaders complied with existing, albeit insufficient guidelines. But the Fed’s latest statement reflected a more concerted focus on the trades themselves.

President calls Republican position on debt ceiling ‘hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful’ as standoff intensifies

Trade chief indicts Beijing’s market-distorting practices.

For the second time in as many days, Democrats did not appear to have an immediate way forward on the proposal, which would invest new sums to fix the nation’s roads, bridges, pipes, ports and Internet connections.

Despite extensive review, White House says only option remains for Congress to pass legislation to avert calamity.

The source of the Democratic stalemate was a second, roughly $3.5 trillion package that proposes to expand Medicare, combat climate change and boost federal safety-net programs, all financed through tax increases on wealthy Americans and corporations.

The votes in the House and Senate avert a shutdown, but big decisions remain in October related to the debt ceiling.

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