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House Republicans break ranks with Trump administration and leadership to oppose Treasury plan to lift Russia sanctions

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Relative to its size, Alaska has more federal workers affected by the shutdown than any other state. It also has the nation's highest unemployment rate and fastest job losses.

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Democrats fall short in effort to block easing of sanctions against key Putin ally

Companies loved to say that they couldn't find enough skilled workers. It was never true.

A good may have been assembled in a Chinese factory, but that assembly cost is just a small part of the purchase price. Most of what you spend on something that's ostensibly from China goes to U.S. workers and businesses.

The latest Labor Department figures confirm the recovery is beginning to reach more Americans.

China is unveiling a new round of stimulus to try to keep its economy on track.

The recovery shows no sign of slowing down, let alone slipping into recession — for now.

We did the math on the new House member's suggestion.

Men dominate Google image searches for most jobs.

A policy digest for one the first major candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.

Republicans have been celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Trump tax cuts with all the pomp, circumstance and fake movie trailers — seriously, they’ve made a few of those — that you’d expect of...

Stocks are stuck on a roller coaster. Here’s what we know so far.

Winning the primary is a tall task. He may measure up to it.

The markets have whipsawed, citing uncertain outlook. The president has sought to stabilize them by . . . making things less certain.

The Fed tried to raise rates without making people worry too much about higher rates. It didn't work.

They weren't even teenagers: 73 children ages 12 and younger were killed at work between 2003 and 2016, according to the Government Accountability Office.

There's an easy way to connect high-achieving low-income students with the top-flight universities for which they qualify.

Economists revisited a famous 2002 paper on the value of elite colleges to see what it meant for women.

Millennials aren’t quirky. They’re poor.

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