A short-term spending bill aimed at staving off a government shutdown Oct. 1 is likely to include farm bailout provisions sought by the Trump administration. The development comes after moderate House Democrats objected to leaders' plans to omit the provisions.

One day ago, Trump confirmed he is considering whether to push for a temporary payroll tax cut or other changes.

Forget "Occupy Wall Street." These left-leaning economists want you to "Own Wall Street."

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We’ve got data on what happened in the past, and we can look there for clues.

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet L. Yellen say the central bank must be relieved from “the threat of removal or demotion" for political reasons.

Cohn, who resigned last year as director of the National Economic Council, told the BBC that the trade war offered a “convenient excuse” for China to slow down its economy.

The president's tweet follows reports that the tech company had asked the administration to exclude the parts made in China from tariffs.

The longer people were exposed to particularly vapid television, the more likely they were to vote for populist candidate offering a simple message and easy answers.

The proposed legislation would make it more difficult for investors to strip companies of their properties and to leave the companies bankrupt.

Some economists have speculated that American attitudes about work may make it particularly inhospitable for a four-day week.

With its effect on employment all but settled, researchers are looking at crime, mental health and even worker productivity to better understand the effects of higher earnings.

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63.1 percent of the benefits of indexing capital gains to inflation would go to the top 0.1 percent of households

Some presidential candidates have backed “universal” programs that would give benefits to every American regardless of their income, while others have unveiled plans with benefits targeted to specifically help the working class and middle class but exclude more affluent Americans.

Hundreds of thousands of government contractors, including low-paid workers such as janitors and cooks, went without back pay from the shutdown.

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Tariffs increase prices in the short-term, but they aren't inflationary in the long-term.

Tlaib has pitched giving large tax credits to all working class Americans — even if they have $0 in income.

Warren calls for a new federal department to release national economic development plans similar to those released in China, Germany and Japan.

Led by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (Mich.), nine Democratic lawmakers urged the USDA to ensure that taxpayer money go only toward helping American farmers, rather than their foreign-owned competitors.

The 2020 presidential candidate says giving workers control over their companies would be a "major, major" part of his administration.

By some measures, rural America has grown faster than urban areas. Why didn't we notice?

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