The $1.9 trillion package enjoys wide support across the country, polls show, but it comes with political and economic risks.

A roundup of business news from around the world.

The review comes in response to a call from Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), who asked the inspectors general of the USDA and Department of Labor in August to determine whether actions by the Trump administration helped spread the coronavirus amongst workers at the plants.

Millions of jobless workers are finding out they made more money on unemployment in 2020 than they would have at their jobs. It bumped them into a higher income bracket, meaning they'll have to pay back some of their government health insurance subsidy.

A roundup of business news from around the world.

Fairfax-based Custom Ink was forced to recalibrate and rethink its business after the pandemic sent sales tumbling in March.

Stocks fell sharply Thursday after the Fed chair said prices were likely to increase later this year, even as he cautioned that any inflation would be short-lived.

He helped lead and write a major report on causes of the 1987 stock market crash, then served in George H.W. Bush’s Treasury Department as undersecretary for domestic finance.

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You've been offered a great job opportunity at an organization where colleagues and clientele don't wear masks. Is it worth the risk?

The Postal Service will further divide the agency’s operations and offer early retirements to thousands of workers.

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With their plans for trillions in stimulus relief packages, and push for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, Democrats are dismissing concerns about the rising national debt and inflationary pressures.

Many unemployed Americans are learning that their unemployment benefits are taxable as they file their 2020 returns.

Chip shortages have forced General Motors and Ford to slash production in three states as well as in Canada and Mexico, threatening jobs at the auto companies and their suppliers.

Apria, which rents ventilators and other equipment, settled with federal prosecutors over accusations of submitting thousands of false claims the same month it delivered a debt-funded dividend to investors.

Consumers are inundating lawmakers with stories of late bills — and the late fees they’ve absorbed as a result.

A roundup of business news from across the world.

Katherine Tai, President Biden’s nominee to become the chief U.S. trade negotiator, said Thursday that U.S. policies must be rethought to safeguard the critical supply lines that feed American factories and to regain the support of “regular people” who have felt victimized by previous commercial deals.

Jobless claims have been slowly trending downward over much of the past year. But they remain at historic highs, with millions on benefits nationwide as the economy continues to struggle.

Being the new kid at work is even more awkward when you're joining an all-remote office. But the pandemic can help us all embrace the awkwardness.

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