Jerry Prevo, the longtime chairman of the board, will serve as acting president of Liberty University after Falwell was asked to take a leave following a provocative photo posted on social media.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said schools are on track to reopen for in-person education next month even as the city continues to battle the coronavirus.

The University of Maryland had planned for students to return for in-person classes in the fall, but announced Monday that undergraduate classes would be held virtually until mid-September.

Six students and three staff members at North Paulding High School have reported infections.

Last-minute changes, coronavirus outbreaks and politics complicate opening of school year.

Residents have concerns and questions about students returning during the pandemic.

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Couple paid half the cost of private school for one-on-one instruction.

The letter from the company was made public by a student's record request.

School board votes unanimously to support reopening schools with all-virtual instruction.

Maryland’s Republican governor was fighting with the state’s most liberal jurisdiction over allowing private schools to teach students in person.

More universities retract their reopening plans and limit on-campus housing just weeks before the first day of school.

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North Paulding High School lifted the suspension of at least one teen whose images went viral, according to the student and her mother.

As demand for online testing spiked, proctoring capacity was overwhelmed.

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Now it's up to New York City Mayor de Blasio to decide on what the country's largest school district will do.

Parents across the country say the stakes are high if schools do not reopen soon.

A look at the new thing in education.

School officials urged students not to return to Baltimore, announced a reduction in tuition and increased financial aid for the fall. The university had planned to resume in-person classes in the fall, but a higher rate of covid-19 infections prompted the reversal.

Let’s “avoid making a virtue out of a necessity.”

It will do research on the African American community in a new way, they said.

Analysis of federal data issued by public education advocacy group.

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