The two Democratic candidates vying to be California superintendent of public instruction: Marshall Tuck, a former charter school executive, left, and State Assembly member Tony Thurmond. (Rich Pedroncelli/AP)

(Update: New numbers, new leader in race)

Talk about close races. Take a look at the vote totals in the contest for California superintendent of public instruction.

A week after the vote, a decision has not yet been made in the race between two Democrats, state legislator Tony Thurmond, who supports traditional public schools, and Marshall Tuck, a former charter school network president.

With more than 7 million votes cast, only a few thousand separate the two after a campaign that cost at least $50 million — all for a position that has no policymaking power.

Throughout the first week of counting, Tuck held a lead, although by Monday it was only a few thousand votes. By Tuesday morning, Thurmond had pulled ahead.

On Monday morning, Tuck was ahead, barely, with 3,581,769 votes to Thurmond’s 3,568,300. That was a difference of fewer than 13,500 votes, or 0.2 percent, according to official state totals (see below).

By Monday night, Thurmond had pulled ahead with 3,613,883, to Tuck’s 3,610,380, a difference of fewer than 4,000. And by Tuesday, Thurmond’s lead had been cut to fewer than 2,000, 3,624,800, to Tuck’s 3,623,018.

By late Wednesday, Thurmond’s lead was more substantial, with 4,169,323 votes to Tuck’s 4,094,393. It’s only one percentage point difference.

With an undetermined number of provisional and other ballots to be counted, either of the men could emerge the winner.

Stay tuned.

This is the latest available data from the state’s elections website:

Latest results in California secretary of education race (

And from earlier; note the times that the data was relevant:


The latest available vote totals for California's schools choice. ( (

This is from Monday morning:

The official vote totals in the race for state superintendent of public instruction in California. ( (