A scene from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus. (iStock)

A cloth figure was suspended on a rope hanging from a tree Tuesday at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, alarming people who saw it and who then shared images of it on social media.

University officials were notified Tuesday of “noosed figures” hanging from a tree outside an arts building on campus, according to Buffie Stephens, a university spokeswoman. The university’s department of police and public safety investigated and found it was an art project submitted by a student of color for an end-of-semester assignment. “At this time, there is no evidence to suggest the project was motivated by racial bias,” university officials wrote in a message to campus.

“The representation of a figure being lynched is hurtful, threatening, and offensive,” the message said. “The project was immediately removed.”

The student body president, Niayai Lavien, declined to comment Tuesday.

On social media, people expressed shock and disgust at the image.

The campus newspaper, the Niner Times, first reported on the display.