Some things need no explanation, and the following Facebook post by Shelley Harrison Reed of Hockessin, Del., is one of them.

Here’s what she wrote (and you can see the original below):

Shelley Harrison Reed is feeling sad.
February 7 at 3:51 PM · 
So my kids school had a genuine lockdown today. Some whack job called in a bomb threat 😱🤬 Police came and everything was fine, Thank God!
My guys seemed fine when they got home and they talked about it with me, and told me their versions of what happened and then went right into their homework and normal after school stuff, and all seemed fine.
It wasn’t until later when Vanessa was changing out of her school uniform that I saw this on her arm....I say to her, why did you write that on your arm? She says, in case the bad guy got to us and I got killed, you and daddy would know that I love you, and she started to cry (as did I as I watched a little piece of her innocence get stolen away)😢To know that my 7yo was put in a position to think that thought is absolutely gut wrenching and it’s killing me inside.
It’s now been a couple hours, and I can’t seem to shake this awful feeling, feeling of sadness, fear, and plain disgusts for this new ‘normal’ our kids have to deal with on any given’s a very scary and disturbing society we now live in, and it’s heartbreaking 💔
Sorry for the long post, I’m just thinking a lot of my mom friends who also went through this today are probably feeling the same way..

The Feb. 7 post, which was widely shared on social media, was her way of highlighting the situation with Facebook friends, Harrison Reed said in an interview.

She said her child’s school, which she did not name, handled the situation “perfectly,” but she hasn’t gotten over what happened.

“I still get choked up when I think about what happened,” she said a week later, on the anniversary of the Feb. 14, 2018, shooting deaths of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Fla.