This is the Instagram rant Shiri Kenigsberg Levi, a mother of four in Ashkelon, Israel, posted on Instagram last week as she struggled to help her children learn online at home after the Israeli government closed schools as part of a nationwide shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Her post went viral, the Jerusalem Post reported, as she appeared in media in countries around the world where parents are struggling to adapt to having their children at home and becoming impromptu teachers.

Here’s the post:

And here’s the English translation:

Listen. It’s not working, this distance-learning thing. Seriously, it’s impossible! It’s crazy!

Straight off in the morning, it’s only the second day. Millions of WhatsApp messages.

I have four kids, may they be healthy. Just imagine how many WhatsApps, how many teachers for each child, how many subjects per child.

I’ve got only two computers in the house. All morning they’re fighting over the computers.

One of my daughter’s teachers is in a dream world and thinks she will get up at 8 a.m. to see him on the screen. 8 a.m., she only just manages to roll over in bed!

Where do you get off?

The music teacher of my youngest son sent over a musical score this morning. What am I going to do with that information? What, have I got some band in the house? I can’t read music! Just one second, let me pull out my clarinet and help my son with his score.

Enough guys, dial it down, lower expectations.

And all day, ‘How’s the … child feeling? How? He should draw a picture … ”

How’s the child feeling all day? He’s spending the day on his cellphone. He’s fine. Sleeping fine. Eating fine — they don’t stop eating. How’s he feeling?

Ask me how I’m feeling. Falling to pieces!

I go from one child to the other. Here’s science, here’s math. Forget it! How am I supposed to know everything?

Now our children will find out how dumb we are. It’s not right, really.

How am I supposed to know how to transform an improper fraction (mock fraction)?

And, anyway, I want to understand. If it’s mock, why bother with it? It’s not real! Leave him alone!

Leave us alone? What am I saying? It’s only the second day.

If we don’t die of corona, we’ll die of distance learning.

There you go. Got it off my chest.

Please. Turn it down. Foot off the gas. Leave them be.

Have a wonderful day.