For the past seven years, Sen. Richard J. Durbin has written an annual letter to high school principals with a pointed warning: Make sure your students are aware of predatory for-profit colleges.

Durbin (D-Ill.), who has for years focused on the for-profit college sector, is now out with his 2020 version, which tells principals: “You have dedicated your life to preparing Illinois students for better opportunities through education. For-profit colleges have proven themselves to be a direct threat to your efforts.”

He has also repeatedly slammed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for actions that he and other critics see as her embrace of the troubled sector. She has canceled a number of Obama-era actions intended to hold accountable for-profit colleges and universities that have misled students and led them to graduate with significant debt and no real job possibilities.

In his annual letters to principals, Durbin is asking educators to make sure that high school graduates understand the higher-education landscape and the risks of enrolling in a for-profit school that is predatory.

Here’s the 2020 letter: