The pandemic forced schools in the Washington region to shutter for close to a year — but officials are now starting to welcome children back into classrooms.

The return is moving at different paces in different places, and the definition of in-person schooling has changed: Kids come to campus for just a few days a week, and sometimes sit in front of screens at their desks to watch teachers lead lessons virtually from elsewhere.

The Washington Post’s Hannah Natanson, Perry Stein and Donna St. George answered your questions on Tuesday at noon. Natanson covers K-12 schools in Virginia, Stein reports on schools in D.C. and St. George writes about K-12 instruction in Maryland. Here are some of the questions they answered:

  • Will D.C. schools open full-time, in-person in the fall?
  • How have cleaning protocols at local schools changed?
  • When will Montgomery County public schools decide on plans for the fall?

Read the full transcript below.

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Teddy Amenabar, an editor for The Post’s audience team, produced this Q&A.