Every day, it seems, brings a new threat, lawsuit court order or protest as educators, parents, public health authorities and politicians battle over whether students should be required to wear masks in school and whether school districts should be allowed to impose such requirements.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all students, staff and visitors inside school buildings wear masks at all times. Some states have rules that echo the CDC, requiring masks in schools statewide and prompting local protests across the country.

Other states have gone the opposite direction, barring their school districts from imposing mask mandates. The result has been an escalating war that generally pits Republican state officials — who argue that parents should have the right to decide about masks for their children — against school districts — who cite the rising virus caseloads, contagious delta variant and proven efficacy of masks in requiring them.

This battle is playing out in courtrooms and in muscle-flexing in state capitols, in school boards and in the White House, where President Biden says he is investigating what power he may have to support mask requirements.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about masks in school: