Apple CEO Tim Cook to Gallaudet graduates: ‘Lead with your values’

The technology giant has helped the university expand accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, officials said.

By Lauren LumpkinMay 15, 2022

Disadvantaged kids hurt by keeping pandemic’s relaxed teaching style

Veteran teacher sees students robbed of the chance to learn how to handle stress in the pandemic’s most troublesome long-term impact on schools, the notion that academic pressure is bad.

By Jay MathewsMay 15, 2022

In reversal, Fairfax to offer teachers raises for Idaho grad classes

The Idaho State program was listed by the school system in documents given to teachers as one of the regionally accredited universities whose class credits could count towards additional salary.

By Hannah NatansonMay 13, 2022

Population booms are overwhelming schools in Montana

The rapid growth in and around Bozeman, Mont., threatens the reputation — and sustainability — of its public schools.

By Neal MortonMay 13, 2022

Duke student’s graduation speech mirrors some language in Harvard address

Some of the themes and language of the Sunday speech from Duke's Priya Parkash appeared to have been mirrored from Sarah Abushaar's 2014 commencement address at Harvard University.

By Timothy BellaMay 12, 2022

Investigation finds burial sites at 53 federal Indian boarding schools

The Department of the Interior found that the children died in the custody of the schools.

By Moriah BalingitMay 12, 2022

It will soon cost more to borrow money for college

After a stretch of record lows, interest rates on federal student loans are set to climb.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielMay 12, 2022

Montgomery County school board approves superintendent’s contract

Montgomery County Superintendent Monifa B. McKnight will receive $320,000 annually in base pay.

By Nicole AsburyMay 11, 2022

Facing pushback, Biden administration clarifies charter school rules

After coming under significant pressure from charter school advocates, the Biden administration on Wednesday clarified that tough new rules for federal funding of charter schools are not as tough as they appear.

By Laura MecklerMay 11, 2022

After covid cases surge, some Johns Hopkins students want online exams

The school reported 531 positive tests on campus in the past seven days, and re-imposed several pandemic rules in the final days of the semester.

By Susan SvrlugaMay 10, 2022

More money would go to D.C.’s at-risk students under council proposal

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) called this spending proposal the “single most important” new idea in the fiscal year 2023 budget.

By Perry SteinMay 10, 2022

DeSantis mandates lessons on communism for high school students

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law H.B. 395, declaring Nov. 7 as a new state holiday — “Victims of Communism Day” — on which public schools are required to teach high school students about the “atrocities” that have been imposed by communist regimes.

By Lindsey BeverMay 10, 2022

The next book ban: States aim to limit titles students can search for

Republican legislation in several states would restrict school library databases.

By Hannah NatansonMay 10, 2022

Va. school board delays vote on telling parents how students self-identify

The resolution was troubling for LGBTQ advocates concerned about the impact on students.

By Nicole AsburyMay 10, 2022

DeSantis accused textbooks of ‘indoctrination.’ Here’s what he meant.

Florida's Education Department rejected more than 40 percent of math textbooks from publishers who sought to sell their books to school districts. It pointed to examples of "critical race theory" and social-emotional learning.

By Moriah BalingitMay 9, 2022

Virtual learning set poor children even further behind, study shows

The must vulnerable students are worse-off academically than they were before the pandemic.

By Moriah BalingitMay 9, 2022

No LSAT? Legal group weighs test-optional admissions for law schools.

Law schools would be given a green light to end admission test requirements, under a recommendation from a key committee of the American Bar Association that is scheduled for review in a public meeting later this month.

By Nick AndersonMay 9, 2022

How false reports of homework overload in America have spread so far

Confusing debate suggests homework is too much when it’s often too little

By Jay MathewsMay 8, 2022