Nearly a year after President Trump signed the cancer deferment statute into law the Education Department has just released the request form.

What the lawsuit says, and what KIPP says.

Trenches in World War I were zigzagged so an enemy soldier couldn't fire down the length of the trench in a straight line. A similar concept is being used to rethink school hallways.

The move will lift the burden of education debt for tens of thousands of severely disabled veterans, streamlining a process that started under the Obama administration.

A judge ordered that Bruce Fleming be reinstated, but the academy plans to appeal the decision.

Six minutes later, another message came through: It had been a false alarm.

The request follows a warning by the FBI about the potentially dangerous misuse of student data.

The victim, who had returned to work in international student affairs, appeared to have been targeted, police said.

It's the latest anti-Semitic action by students amid a rise in hate crimes.

But math proved more difficult, and the vast achievement gap still persists.

Springview High School requires girls to wear black velvet drapes for their portraits. Holley Gerelds wants the policy to change.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is placing greater emphasis on monitoring private student loans, at a time when complaints about federal education lending continue to grow.

The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Hate crimes are on the rise on college campuses, FBI data shows.

Tweets tell the story.

"We don’t have a system that guarantees children’s health and well-being," says Paul Reville, who served as the secretary of education of Massachusetts.

Harvard won’t let students who join fraternities, sororities and other single-sex organizations not recognized by the school have leadership roles on campus. Here’s why the judge kept the lawsuit alive.

Here's why it is controversial.

State funding for the university system would be cut $70 million over three years under a deal Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy (R) approved Tuesday.

He said more. Here it is.

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