Election 2018

North Carolina Election Results

Polls close 7:30 p.m. EDT.

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How each House district leans politically
District 3 Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 24 points and Walter Jones (R) won by 34.4.
District 9 Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 12 points and Robert Pittenger (R) won by 16.4.

Biden launched a closing argument promising to heal the country in the spirit of FDR, while Trump attacked Democrats, mail-in ballots and virus testing.

The president plans to stage rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska. The former vice president will campaign in a state that no Democrat has carried since 1992.

This year has been epic for political news, and many of its biggest story lines — the coronavirus, racial injustice and the 2020 campaign — have played out in states at least as much as they have in W...

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For the record, he isn't even doing that.

Charting White House’s many inconsistencies on masks during the pandemic

The White House stance on face masks has been intransigent and contradictory throughout the pandemic. Here’s what they said.