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Pennsylvania Election Results

State Rep. Fred Keller, a Republican, elected to fill vacant U.S. House seat

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District 12 Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 20.7 points and Keith Rothfus (R) won by 23.5.

The current moratorium, enacted in response to the pandemic, is set to expire Saturday. President Biden told Congress Thursday that he does not have the power to act alone.

Biden announces new sanctions against Cuba

President Biden announced new U.S. sanctions against Cuba’s national revolutionary police in addition to its director and deputy director during a July 30 meeting with Cuban Americans.

As the White House makes headway on its ambitious agenda, the delta variant has complicated its focus, forcing the White House to return to economic problems related to pandemic and try to prod employers to step up vaccine efforts.

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One of Congress's far-right members has proposed such a bill, which is a non-starter.

Biden administration adds sanctions on Cuban security officials and seeks ways to help anti-government protesters buck state censorship.