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Mississippi primary election results

Hood wins Democratic primary; GOP goes to runoff

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The president is also scheduled to visit a mass vaccination facility in Houston during his Texas trip.

Biden: ‘It’s not the time to relax’ on coronavirus

President Biden praised U.S. progress in combating the coronavirus pandemic during a Feb. 26 speech at a mass coronavirus vaccination site in Houston, reassuring that it is safe to be vaccinated and urging Americans to stay vigilant.

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In a speech at CPAC, the first senator to pick up Trump's stolen-election effort declares a need for the people to be heard.

President Biden visits Texas Gov. Abbott, Houston Food Bank

Biden flew to Texas on Feb. 26 to meet with Gov. Greg Abbott (R), following extreme weather and widespread power outages in the state last week.

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The House of Representatives moved toward a vote Friday to approve President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, with Democrats pressing ahead over united GOP opposition on the massive relief package aimed at stabilizing the economy and boosting vaccinations and testing.

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