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House of RepresentativesELECTION RESULTS

Republicans won the House majority

Republicans won the 5 seats they needed to capture the House majority.

Which party won key races?

A total of 64 House seats were considered competitive by the Cook Political Report ahead of Election Day. The House battleground seemed to be tilted toward Republicans: 19 of their seats were thought to be competitive, compared with 45 seats held by Democrats

Key House races

Below are the latest results and insights from The Post’s election model, which estimates the likely outcome based on past election returns as well as votes counted in the race so far. Read more about our model here and here.

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Includes California and Colorado

  • Calif.District 13

    This Central Valley seat is open and went for Biden by 13 points in 2020.

    Votes received and percentages of total vote
    John DuarteDuarteJ. DuarteGOP
    Adam GrayGrayA. GrayDEM

    Est. 99% counted

  • Colo.District 3

    Votes received and percentages of total vote
    Lauren BoebertBoebertL. Boebert


    Adam FrischFrischA. FrischDEM

    Est. 99% counted

All House results

Most states drew new congressional maps for the 2022 elections following the 2020 Census, so your congressional district may have changed. Use the tool below to see results for your district.

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Sources: Associated Press, Cook Political Report