Election 2018

Alaska Election Results

District at-large Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 14.7 points and Don Young (R) won by 14.3.
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Candidates, media and voters must do better.
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Wisdom comes with old age. Except when it doesn’t.

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What passes for a normal day at the White House is anything but.

The president praised the might of the U.S. military, saying, “No adversary stands a chance against the awesome power of the red, white and blue.”

No ‘political appetite’ for gun control? Parkland survivors have an answer for that.

The Parkland, Fla., students who survived a mass shooting and later founded March for Our Lives announced a new, ambitious gun-control program on Aug. 21.

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A visual look at the Congressional Budget Office's projections for the federal budget.

Whenever Trump uses this word to disparage a woman, we have this debate. It's time to settle it.