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Promises made, promises broken
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The politics of fear can’t solve the challenges of our time.

The Indian government has said that things remain calm in Kashmir. But video, as well as media and eye-witness reports, dispute that claim.

David Koch on free market policies: ‘We want the maximum freedom to launch businesses’

Billionaire and industrialist David Koch discussed his view of free market policies and the work of his advocacy group Americans for Prosperity at the Defending the American Dream Summit on Oct. 3 2009.

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Moulton focused his campaign on foreign policy and national security but was unable to move up among the party’s moderates, who have coalesced for now around former vice president Joe Biden.

In a morning tweet, the president claimed that 94 percent of fellow Republicans approve of the way he is handling his job. Neither he nor his aides identified the poll he was citing.

It could reshape the country’s political system. Here’s what you should know.

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