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It's time for him to enter the big leagues.
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I can better serve Kansans by working as a Democrat.

Every Senate Democrat voted for new border barriers along the southern border as part of an immigration overhaul bill in 2013. Now Democrats are refusing President Trump's request for what they say is an unnecessary wall.

Mueller publicly countered the BuzzFeed report. Here's why that's a rare move for a prosecutor.

The president’s proposal, in a rare Saturday address, is designed to ramp up pressure on Democrats, but many already say it is unacceptable.

Democrats were for new border barriers before they were against it

For years, Democrats voted for new fencing and other physical barriers along the southern border. Then Donald Trump was elected president.

Trump’s full address on new proposal for border wall, security and DACA as shutdown continues

President Trump spoke from the White House Jan. 19 in a rare Saturday address that outlined a new proposal for border security, immigration reform and ending the shutdown.