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Despite record numbers of female candidates, men still set the norms for politics.
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Election Day will be a test of Kansans’ memories — and the influence of a strong independent candidate.

Whatever progress Trump is making on criminal justice reform is not worthy of praise from many on the left.

Top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is backing proposals that seek to address Democrats' concerns about the way the outgoing Republican majority ran the chamber, but also bipartisan complaints about more persistent weaknesses in House operations.

New U.S. sanctions stop short of implicating Mohammed bin Salman's senior aides in plans to kill Khashoggi. Meanwhile, NBC News drops a bombshell.

The Republican incumbent had narrowly led after the first round of results came in on Election Day.

The too-close-to-call Senate race is poised to head to a manual recount, and Republicans are looking to claim all-but-official victory in the governor’s contest.