Campaign 2019

Kentucky Primary Election Results

Republican incumbent Bevin to face challenge from Democrat Beshear, the state's attorney general

  • Governor

The president and his Democratic challenger both plan to appear in Minnesota and Wisconsin, while Biden is also touching down in Iowa and Trump is also traveling to Michigan.

The presidential race barreled into a region that gave Trump his win in 2016 and that Biden seeks to deny him next week.

Biden struggles to compete with noise from pro-Trump protestors

Speaking in St Paul, Minn. Democratic presidential candidate had to compete with noise from a pro-Trump demonstration on Oct. 30, at one point calling the protestors ‘ugly’.

After largely failing to limit access to mail-in voting, GOP now looks to contest votes already cast.

The massive shift to voting by mail this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic has increased the possibility that problems with mail ballots could be a factor in races across the country.

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