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Kentucky Primary Election Results

Republican incumbent Bevin to face challenge from Democrat Beshear, the state's attorney general

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A handful of candidates show up to meet with veterans.
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It is hard to see where Trump has built any new support.

For decades, the oil-rich country was a villain -- a country that U.S. leaders foolishly defended. Today, Trump is talking about going to war for it, even though he insists the U.S. has little skin in the game.

A short-term spending bill aimed at staving off a government shutdown Oct. 1 is likely to include farm bailout provisions sought by the Trump administration. The development comes after moderate House Democrats objected to leaders' plans to omit the provisions.

Trump departs the White House en route to New Mexico

On Sept. 16, President Trump speaks with reporters while en route to New Mexico to attend a Keep America Great Rally.

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The labor-aligned group, whose influence in liberal politics is growing, vowed to help the Massachusetts Democrat build a “mass movement.”

Trump awards Mariano Rivera Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Trump awarded Hall of Fame pitcher Mariano Rivera the Presidential Medial of Freedom on Sept. 16.

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