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Mississippi primary runoff election results

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Different voices on the elections
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Candidates would be well advised to heed the sentiments voters expressed Tuesday.
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The conditions for Buttigieg's rise in the polls were in place long before the South Bend, Ind., mayor decided to run

U.S. envoy to Ukraine appeared unflappable as he laid out concerns over demands for political investigations.

The conversations remain fluid, but they could pose a serious challenge to the half-dozen Democratic senators running for president if a trial stretches into February.

Black entertainer Byron Allen is suing Comcast over its refusal to carry his network.

Democrats have called two diplomats whose testimony they see as key to making the case that the president improperly pressed Ukraine for investigations that could benefit him politically.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Elizabeth Warren Stands Up to Billionaires’ | Campaign 2020

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a new campaign ad about her wealth tax proposal on Nov. 13.

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