Election 2018

Montana Election Results

How the vote has swung from 2016, so far

District at-large Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 20.4 points and Ryan Zinke (R) won by 15.6.

The president plans to hold three events in a state he narrowly carried four years ago but where polls show Biden leading. Biden has advertised no events for Monday but plans to return to the trail on Tuesday.

Harrison hopes to capture voters who represent the “New South,” making the state the first in the nation to have two Black senators.

This year has been epic for political news, and many of its biggest story lines — the coronavirus, racial injustice and the 2020 campaign — have played out in states at least as much as they have in W...

Most of the roughly 30 million registered voters who live in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee have no choice but to cast ballots in person this fall.

The increase in mail and early voting has changed how and when ballots are counted. Arizona, Florida and North Carolina could provide information quickly, experts say, while states including Pennsylvania and Michigan could lag behind.