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Montana Election Results

How the vote has swung from 2016, so far

District at-large Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 20.4 points and Ryan Zinke (R) won by 15.6.
Different voices on the elections
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Wisconsin's election is the nightmare scenario. But Ohio's failure is more likely.
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California's special election on Tuesday is more competitive than expected.

The White House nowadays is a Rorschach test for one’s view of Donald Trump’s presidency. His supporters see a projection of absolute strength, a leader controlling the streets. His critics see a president hiding from his own citizenry.

In this edition: How GOP House recruits are dealing with unrest, what we learned from Tuesday's primaries, and some new Democratic Party battles in New York.

Republicans used to praise Jim Mattis. Then he crossed Trump.

Some Senate Republicans who had previously touted former defense secretary Jim Mattis have since changed their tune after Mattis spoke out against President Trump.

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There are signs of improvement in the economy, but the overall state for many businesses and workers remains glum.

Being a jobs president would seem to require having a jobs plan — and President Trump is so far resisting rolling out his own legislative proposal.