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North Dakota Primary Election Results

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In 2016, Trump won this district by 35.7 points and Kevin Cramer (R) won by 45.4.
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Trump keeps making a very good case for a Democratic-led Congress.
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They'll pay the price for toadyism.

The Senate hopeful, in a debate, earns Four Pinocchios for flatly disputing a witness account in police records from his DWI 20 years ago.

Trump’s frustration with McConnell and Grassley simmers as his Supreme Court nominee faces more assault allegations.

Many prominent Republicans and Democrats say they have never seen a nomination process this polarized.

'I've never sexually assaulted anyone': Key takeaways from Kavanaugh's Fox News interview

Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh sat down Sept. 24 for his first TV interview since facing allegations of sexual misconduct. Here are some highlights.

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Kavanaugh said he never got blackout drunk and was a virgin for "many years" after high school.

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