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North Dakota Primary Election Results

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District at-large Republican-held seat
In 2016, Trump won this district by 35.7 points and Kevin Cramer (R) won by 45.4.
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Trump is vastly outspending Democrats in the impeachment ad wars.
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And what's the deal with President Pelosi?

The House speaker met with Jordan’s leaders to discuss refugees and ‘regional stability.’

From the moment the White House announced that President Trump had decided to hold the 2020 Group of Seven summit at his golf resort, it became inextricably linked with his possible impeachment. 

She continued to deflect questions about whether middle-class taxes would rise under her proposal.

In this edition: Amy Klobuchar's real-talk bus tour, Tulsi Gabbard's battle with Hillary Clinton, and new polls from America's heartland – the greater D.C. area.

‘We chose the dumb way’: Former national security leaders slam Trump’s Syria withdrawal

Current and former national security officials harshly criticized President Trump’s hasty withdrawal from Syria on Oct. 20, saying Russia, Iran and ISIS will benefit.

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