Election 2018

Rhode Island Election Results

How each House district leans politically
District 1 Previously Democrat
In 2016, Clinton won this district by 25 points and David Cicilline (D) won by 29.4.
District 2 Previously Democrat
In 2016, Clinton won this district by 6.9 points and Jim Langevin (D) won by 27.4.
Different voices on the elections
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If both parties blow it, let's have a solid Plan B.
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President Trump's negatives and the energy that he provides to the Democrats could alter some of the laws of political physics.

New Trump 2020 ad asks people to call hotline to thank Trump

A new Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. ad ask viewers to call a hotline to thank President Trump.

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They hoped Judge Emmet Sullivan would blow the lid off the whole thing and allege prosecutorial misconduct in the Michael Flynn case. The opposite happened.

McSally, who lost a close race for the state’s other Senate seat in November, is expected to run in a 2020 special election.

Former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal argued as much this week. Here's what he's comparing it to.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said the former FBI director is “the last person that we’re going to take any type of lecture from.”