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And what's the deal with President Pelosi?
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States are almost certainly not prepared for the massive voter tsunami that seems to be developing. That could be a huge problem.

For decades, the government hasn’t delivered basic services.

  • Faten Ghosn, Sarah E. Parkinson
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  • 35 minutes ago
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The symbiotic relationship between Brad Parscale, Trump’s outspoken 2020 campaign manager, and GOP establishment couple Katie Walsh and Mike Shields speaks to how longtime party operatives have benefited from the Trump era. 

Defense Department and USAID documents show that President Trump and Mick Mulvaney’s stated rationale for withholding security aid from Ukraine doesn’t add up.

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And Bill Taylor's explosive Ukraine testimony.

The contested results could jeopardize an August peace deal.

  • Anne Pitcher
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  • 1 hour ago
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