Election 2018

South Dakota Election Results

District at-large Previously Republican
In 2016, Trump won this district by 29.8 points and Kristi Noem (R) won by 28.2.

Tax experts say the Bidens used a tax-avoidance strategy to skirt hundreds of thousands of dollars in Medicare taxes, but is it hypocrisy or clever tax planning?

Newly released communications between the CNN anchor and the then-governor’s office show that the younger Cuomo was more involved in the defense of his brother than previously known.

Public health officials have expressed concern about the omicron variant, but for now they are reiterating their pleas for Americans to get vaccinated rather than proposing new restrictions or shutdowns.

What Congress should be asking in tech hearings

In hours of inquiry at tech and social media hearings on Capitol Hill, a few questions inevitably end up being duds. Here’s how Congress can improve their understanding of these industries to ask better questions and hold companies accountable.

The Federal Trade Commission on Monday ordered nine large U.S. companies, including Walmart, Amazon and Procter & Gamble to provide detailed information about their operations, in a bid to unravel the...